Career: GlobalMedia Design, INC.

Career: GlobalMedia Design, INC.

During the summer of 1994 I was offered the opportunity to join a fledgling internet design firm based in Orlando, Fl called GlobalMedia Design Inc.. My official title is Chief Technology Officer, however, I am primarily an applications developer. I must say this company has given me the chance to actually enjoy computer programming! It is rare to find a person who looks forward to their work yet GMD never ceases to throw something interesting my way.

Brian Clark is the person who got me involved with GMD and The RadZone Co-Op and I am thankful that he did! Brian and I go back a few years to when we volunteered as active administrators of Valhalla Mud and through him I met Tammy Kearns and Jim Rhoades, two of the most talented web designers I have had the pleasure of meeting! Completing GMD’s current staff there is J.D Ashcraft, who tackles a bit of everything and is just an all around cool guy. I am proud to call these four people friends as well as business associates.

During our somewhat short time in business we have created quite a few software systems for making the internet and web a more useful environment. The Radiation product line can be found at Radiation Software.

GMD has also produced, designed and developed a number of popular and useful websites. You can check on our growing list of projects at

I am also one of the mutant designers of The Radiation Group Co-Op, a co-operative of web design professionals which has already proven itself to be a founder of excellence on the web and has received multiple awards for its many creations. Normally I would take offense to being called a ‘mutant’ but I have come to enjoy it, I might even look like a mutant now!

Samir Malak and I form the Greensboro team of the Radiation Group. I would consider Samir to be my mentor as far as HTML and CGI programming goes and although we do not get together that often I also consider him a good friend.

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