Category Searches

Adult-Oriented Muds – Contains content not suitable for minors

Amber – Based on Roger Zelazny’s Amber novels

Anime – Based on Japanese animation

Babylon 5 – Based on the popular television show

Christian-Based Muds – Themes based on Christianity

Comic Books – Based on comic book themes

Diablo – Based on Diablo

Dragonball – Based on Dragonball

Cyberpunk – Based on William Gibson’s Cyberpunk Genre

Dark Fantasy/Horror – Muds with a dark fantasy and/or horror theme/genre

Default Telnet Port – Muds running on the default telnet port (port # 23)

Default WWW Port – Muds running on the default web port (port # 80)

DragonLance – Based on DragonLance

Dungeons and Dragons – Based on TSR’s Dungeons and Dragons ®

Eddings – Based on the works of David Eddings

Educational – Muds used for educational purposes

Final Fantasy / Phantasy Star – Muds which are based on Final Fantasy or Phantasy Star

Forgotten Realms – Based on TSR’s Forgotten Realms

Free Muds (Broad Category) – Muds which are free to play

Furry Muds – Muds based on anthropomorphics

Futuristic Muds – Muds which are set in the future

Harry Potter – Based on Harry Potter

Historical – Based on actual or fictional history

Level-based muds – Muds whose training and equipment systems are level-based

Leveless and Classless muds – Muds which are based around leveless and classless training systems

Medieval Fantasy – Based on a medieval fantasy environment

Gothic – Based on a Gothic genre

Magic: The Gathering – Muds based on Magic: The Gathering

Modern Day – Muds set in modern times

Newbie Friendly – Muds that are extra friendly for newbie players

Non-Player Killing Muds – Muds not allowing any form of player killing

Original World – Muds which claim to have a completely original world

Palladium – Muds based on Palladium’s books (RIFTs, Robotech, Heroes Unlimited, etc)

Pay to play Muds – Muds requiring registration or other fees to play

Pern – Based on Anne McCaffrey’s Pern Series

Player Killing Muds – Muds allowing unrestricted player killing

Pokemon – Muds based on Pokemon

Post Apocalyptic – Based on a post apocalypse scenario

Pure Player Killing Muds – Muds based strictly on player killing

Research Oriented – Muds used for research

Restricted Player Killing Muds – Muds allowing restricted player killing

Roleplaying Muds – Roleplaying is accepted within the game. (Also try these categories roleplay-encouraged and roleplay-enforced)

Science Fiction – Muds that deal with science fiction

Sexually-Oriented – (ADULT ONLY) Muds containing sexually oriented material (ADULT ONLY)

Shadowrun – Muds based on Shadowrunner

Skill-based muds – Muds whose training and equipment systems are skill-based

Social muds – Muds which primarily provide an outlet for social interaction

Star Trek Muds – Based on the Star Trek TV series or movies

Star Wars Muds – Based on the Star Wars movies

SuperHeroes – Based on superheros

Sword of Truth – Based on the Sword of Truth book series by Terry Goodkind

Talkers – List talkers and talker-style muds

Tolkien – Based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

Transformers – Based on the ‘Transformers’ theme

Ultima – Based on the world of Ultima

Warhammer – Muds based on Warhammer

Wheel of Time – Based on Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series

Vampire: The Masquerade – Muds based on ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’

World of Darkness – Based on White Wolf Studio’s “World of Darkness”

X-Files – Based on the X-Files TV show and motion picture