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Reality Com. Funky Site of the Day May 30th, 1995
Glenn Davis Cool Site of the Day June 1st, 1995
WinMag and NetGuide HotSpot of the day August 11th, 1995
Mac Game Gate Pick of the Week February 17th, 1996
Clearinghouse approved Internet Research Library August 17, 1996
The Médaille d’Or August 19, 1996
Iway 500 Entertainment Category, Fall Edition 1996
Frontiers Coolest Site Winner, December 8th, 1996
Creative Labs Creative Entertainment Choice, January 20, 1997
NetGuide Gold Site Award, January 29, 1997
HomePC 1996 Best Web Sites: PC Games, January 21, 1997
LookSmart Editor’s Choice Award, January 29, 1997
Webopaedia Outstanding Page Award, March 28, 1997
The Mining Company Best of the Web ’97
MPOG Directory Star Site, July 25, 1997
PCGAME.COM Killer Site of the Day, October 1, 1997
Bright Blades Award, March 1, 1998
The I Award March, 1998
USATODAY Hot Site April, 1998
Suite101 Top 5 Best of the Web Award, June 1st, 1998
Eye on the Web Selected Site, July 1st, 1998
NewHoo Cool Site, July 13th, 1998
Links2Go Mud Awards, July 23rd, 1998
FreeGames Online Elite Gaming Sites, August 15th, 1998
NetTalk Live Hotsites Gaming Website of the Week, May, 1999
Britannica Internet Guide Award, Feb, 2000
Links2Go Key Resource, July 2000
NetWeek Editor’s Choice, November 2000
Festival of Mud Resource of the Year, July 2003


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