Mud Connector: Affiliates

  • FTP.GAME.ORG – The Ultimate MUD Archive. This site is by far the largest original collection of MUD server code, snippets, as well as some miscellaneous MUD files — well over 300 megabytes worth. It is organized in a heirarchical fashion forming a sort of a family tree of MUD code.

      TopMudSites.comfeatures the Top 100 ranked Muds, a searchable Mud database, discussion forums, feature articles and reviews. Players can find use the site to find new Muds to play and admins can promote their Muds to a large audience of eager players.

    • Wolfpaw Services- The premiere mud hosting service. Zmud- zMUD is the world’s leading MUD/Telnet client for PC/Windows. This sophisticated GUI client supports multiple character windows (multiplaying), aliases, triggers with complex pattern matching, macro keys, variables, speedwalking, automatic map generation, equipment database, graphical buttons, extensive built-in and user-defined functions, ANSI color, VT100 support, word wrapping, alarms, and online help. It is fully customizeable and 90 percent compatible with TinTin++ clients. Compatible with proxy servers and firewalls, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and NT .