Mud Connector: Java Telnet Client


The Java(tm) Telnet App ( copywrite © 1996, 1997) was created by Matthias L. Jugel and Marcus Meißner. This version of the client has been customized to read the Mud Connector database and provide direct connections to all of the muds we know about. The latest version of the client is available at

Note: For users looking to download a telnet app, this is NOT it! This java client was designed for use by web designers wishing to incorporate telnet support into their web pages (e.g. mud admins who wish to allow play right from the web browser). If you are seeking a telnet app for your personal use, please see our resources page.

Warning: We are now keeping connection logs for all connections using this client. Any users causing trouble for any of the muds listed here will quickly have their sites banned. Please think before you act!

Mud Administrators: Please report any problem users to, include your mud name, the timezone your mud runs in and an excerpt from your mud’s connection logs which show the problem user establishing connection.

Sincere thanks go out to the authors for their time and the donation of this client to the MUD Connector.

Java support NOT detected. Either your web browser is not java compliant, or the java option has been disabled. In order to use this client, you must have java support!


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