Mud Connector Submissions Policy

  • The MUD Connector reserves the right to reject any mud submission for any reason. We will do our best to accomodate the needs of most mud administrations as far as providing a listing goes, but we make no guarantees whatsoever. (From this point on The MUD Connector will be referred to as TMC).
    • It is the responsibility of the mud administrators to keep TMC informed and uptodate with respect to mud site changes, downtimes, and any updated information in general. Listings may be removed at any time if TMC finds listed information to be incorrect and/or obsolete.
    • It is the responsibility of the mud administrators to familiarize themselves with new additions to the TMC submissions system and new features that come available. With regards to player reviews, it is the responsibility of the mud administrators to notify us if they do not wish to allow submitted reviews to be posted on the TMC website.
    • TMC reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any submission or remove any existing listing for any mud meeting some or all of the following criterion:
      • The mud server is not currently running, only muds which are up and running on a consistent basis are elligible to be listed.
      • The mud server imposes a site ban on TMC’s server. If your mud is experiencing a problem due to players coming from TMC’s java client simply email us and we can remove your mud from the java client’s database while retaining your mud’s listing. Site banning TMC is not an acceptable solution and will result in suspension of the mud listing.
      • The submitters fail to supply TMC staff with accurate information about the mud and/or an acceptable description for the mud.
      • Offensive or questionable material is found within the mud environment and/or website.
      • We receive reports of abuse imposed by the mud administration and/or mud staff directed at any person either involved with the mud as a staff member or player.
      • We receive reasonable proof of copyright infringement or any illegal activities involving the mud, mud staff, or the mud’s website.
      • The mud environment and/or people involved appear to be hostile in nature. By hostile we mean above and beyond the theme or genre of the mud in question. (For example, in a pure player-killing mud it is expected that players will kill other players, this would not be a case of said hostility.)
    • TMC will not get involved with any disputes involving muds listed on TMC website or requesting to be listed. (For example, if two muds are running under the same name they will need to work out an arrangement on their own, we will not get involved.)
    • The mud administration agrees to defend TMC and claim full responsibility should any legal or other problems arise from the inclusion and/or presence of its mud listing on TMC website and within the mudlists we produce in any medium.
    • The mud listing being requested is not meant to be temporary for the purposes of recruiting staff members, players, or player testers. In addition, the mud administration holds that the mud is open to the general public and will not turn away TMC users upon connecting (unless said users present problems that would call for their connection to be terminated). Muds that are granted a TMC listing and then request the listing to be removed within a period of 3 months forego their right to have any future listing posted.
    • Listings which request the inclusion of a homepage link must already have the homepage created at the specified site. The page must be devoted solely to the mud being listed in order to be applicable for inclusion.
    • The welcome screen of the mud being submitted must display the name of the mud to be elligible for a TMC listing (this is required to cut down on confusion with new mud players). Please do not post submissions with temporary mud names!
    • Once your mud is listed on TMC and issued a ‘new listing’ flag further submissions will not result in an additional ‘new listings’ flag – this is issued once, the first time a mud is submitted to TMC. Additionally, listed muds which change their name, administrative staff, theme, codebase, etc are still considered to have an ‘existing’ listing, any further submissions will serve to ‘update’ this listing. In other words, these muds will not be issued a ‘new listing’ so please do not ask.
    • TMC reserves the right to revise this policy at any time. Any such revisions will apply to all muds that are listed with TMC.

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