MUDs: Multi-User Dungeons

MUDs: Multi-User Dungeons

As the Internet becomes a cesspool of commercialism I feel it is much needed to stress the entertainment value which the net also provides! For many years multi-user dungeons (Muds, Mushes, Moos, etc…) have served this purpose and their presence on the internet is not going away, if anything they are getting stronger! There are thousands of net-games available these days, many offering unique ways for you to find entertainment and just about all offering an outlet from the everyday monotony of life.

With this in mind I designed the The Mud Connector. The Connector is a searchable list of over 1500 multi-user games available on the net which offers descriptions for every mud listed as well as telnet links and homepage links if existant. Other features include a random mud link generator, several search engines, categorical listings by genre, a players’ directory, discussions forums, and comprehensive resource center for mud and game related sites.

The Connector has won dozens of awards since its inception in 1994 and has grown enormously popular (we currently serve 100,000+ users per month and deliver 2.3+ million page views. Please check the site out by visiting, but be warned – MUDs are highly addictive!

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