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Usenet: Coder Sought
admin Wednesday, January 3, 2001

I’m currently creating a MUX that will be making use of Fuzion as it’s stat system. I’m in need of a coder who can create a chargen for that system and the Atomik Magick add on. Specific needs to be disseminated to those who contact me.As it is now, this is a temporary position, but a permanent position as staff is not out of the question. I’m not entirely new to admining, but this is the first game I’ve endeavored to make on my own. Interested parties can contact me at my email address:–I see the ghosts of navigators but they are lost As they sail into the setting sun they’ll count the cost As their skeletons accusing emerge from the sea The sirens of the rocks they beckon me Ghost of the Navigator : Iron MaidenUnder Construction – Sins of the Past MUX

Dark Ren –

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Public Meet & Greet!
admin Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Date: Saturday, January 6th, 2001Time: 9:00 PM Eastern Time (EST/EDT) or 2:00 AM Grenwich Time (GMT)

Where: telnet:// port 4000

A public “Meet & Greet” of some of the MUD communities top admin. You will be able to ask questions, get ideas and more. Try to avoid controversal issues, this is meant to be fun. Notable admin scheduled to appear at this time are Zugg (ZuggSoft), Thoric and Altrag (SMAUG), Furry (Circle/VieMUD), Creators of IMC2, ORB and other Clients as well as MudWorld admin and associates. It is free and all are invited to attend as long as you can contain yourself in these admin’s company, thank you!Comments (1)

Nodeka review
admin Tuesday, January 2, 2001

[1 – INTRODUCTION][2 – CODE ][3 – STATISTICS ][4 – RACES ][5 – CLASSES ][6 – SKILLS ][7 – AREAS ][8 – EQUIPMENT ][9 – IMMORTALS ][10 – PLAYERS ][11 – DONATIONS ][12 – CONCLUSION ]——————–[1 – INTRODUCTION] Even though this review tries to be unbiased, I think I should begin by saying that, in my opinion, Nodeka is the best mud on the net. By far. I will try to keep an objective point of view when detailing its ups and downs, but I’ve read too many ‘unbiased’ reviews of other muds that are actually self-gloating promotions, so I thought I would warn you that I can’t trust myself to be totally impartial ) How to define Nodeka in a few lines to those who don’t know it? Nodeka is a custom code, non-roleplaying, level and skill-based, PK-intensive (but not pure-PK) mud. Hopefully this short definition might help you know what to expect, and not to expect, at nodeka, however I will go into detail in the following sections… Even in trying to be objective, I also state the things some people might find to be ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ in nodeka, so it helps you know wether this might be an interesting mud for you to try or not…hope it helps…:)[2 – CODE] Nodeka is written entirely from scratch. Every single line of code in Nodeka has been written by its creator, Nijlo. If you are tired of seeing “heavily modified” code in muds to then see yet another diku or ROM, this is not that, it’s just what i said: 100% original code. This is definitely a plus for me, even more when code is being added daily (not in patches, but following a long-term plan for the development of the mud). However, i believe it might be a ‘down’ if you don’t like having to learn new things: even if some concepts, such as hitpoints or levels, are the same as in stock muds, there are a LOT of new things you will have to learn, and even if you are an experienced mudder, at first you will probably be at a loss in many things. Needless to say, in my opinion it’s definitely worth it to learn )[3 – STATISTICS] Each character at Nodeka has 8 basic characteristics (Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Agility, Speed, Intelligence, Wisdom, Willpower). I will not go into detail for each of them ) There are also derived characteristics, calculated from these, such as Learning Curve (which affects experience gained in a logarithmic way) or Quickness, which are also affected by race and equipment. Stats on character creation have a maximum value of 18, and all are equally important in the game. Even though a Raider (a fighter class) will of course want to have high physical stats, some of their skills, such as Defender’s Discipline, rely on Intelligence and Wisdom, so a smart raider will have a lot more chances to survive than a dumb one P The maximum value any single stat may have is 300. Statistics increase occasionally with level gains, appropiately to class (a Warlock will increase their Intelligence more often than a Barbarian, for example). They can also be trained, in exchange for experience and ‘platinum’ (Nodeka’s currency), so the character is shaped to your will. What does this mean? That the room for character development is *huge*. No one has ever beaten Nodeka yet. What might be the down of this for you? Character improvement is slow, compared to other muds. If you like being all-powerful in a week, you will probably feel frustrated…If you like being able to shape your character slowly, and enjoy the sense of achievement in doing this in a challenging environment, I strongly encourage that you try the mud.[4 – RACES] Nodeka is based on a remort system: there are 19 races available at character creation. Once you reach level 100, you have the option to remort into a more powerful race and class: each race remorts into a specific other, for another 19 races. And once you reach remort level 100 (total level 200), you will have the choice to remort again into yet another more powerful race and class, for another 19 races. This makes for a total of 57 playable races in the mud. A few examples (non remort / 1st remort/ 2nd remort):Frost Giant / Titan of Ice / Arctic ColossusGargoyle / Onyx Protector / Obsidian GuardianBlack Drake / Dark Drakontos / Shadow Derkesthai The choice of a race is capital in the development of your character. Race doesn’t only affect your starting stats, it also gives you special abilities, resistances, attacks, vulnerabilities, and is a factor in calculating the needed experience per level (e.g., a Human can gain levels at a much faster rate than a Gargoyle). Once again, I will give you an example so you get an idea of this: [ Selected Race ]: Weretiger [ Race Lineage ] – Weretiger, Great Weretiger, Weretiger Khan [ Modifier Types ] – Strength +2 – Agility +2 – Dexterity +2 – Nat Resist +2 – Quickness +4 [ Special Types ] – Enhanced Physical Recuperation 11% [ Resistance +/- ] – Magical Vulnerability 28% – Physical Resistance 7% [ Attack Types ] – Armed With – Fanged Assault 18% – Armed With – Thrust of Force 7% I won’t go into details of what each aspect means, you’ll surely get the general idea ) Hmm…I would like to point out ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of the race system, but I honestly can’t: it’s carefully balanced, interesting, and very creative. It allows you to choose a race that fits your taste or mudding style, and choosing a different race -does- make a difference by all accounts in the way you will play. In fact, the only possible ‘down’ that occurs to me is that, if you don’t like taking decisions, you will have a hard time choosing a race ) When creating your first character, I would not choose a hard to level race (such as the Drakes or the Gargoyle), as you will find it extremely hard to gain levels very shortly.[5 – CLASSES] The class system is parallel to the race system, that is: there is a number of classes available at creation, which remort into their more powerful counterparts at 1st and 2nd remort. The number of classes available at creation is 18, which makes the total number of classes to be 54. I am not talking of a total number of ‘class variations’ or ‘specialties’: each class is unique, with its own peculiarities and weaknesses. A few examples (non remort / 1st remort / 2nd remort):Necromancer / Master of Death / Dark CreatorWitch / Enchantress / OracleTracker / Hunter / Strider The classes are designed with balance in mind, so each has its own niche in a group, and all are equally powerful if played with skill. Obviously, the class election affects your character development and style of play even more drastically than race ) On a side note, if you are relatively new to mudding, and even new to Nodeka, I would advise you not to choose a pure caster class (such as Sorcerer, Necromancer, etc.), as they are more difficult to play without a deeper knowledge of the game.[6 – SKILLS] There are 80 different skills and 94 spells in Nodeka, that is, a total of 174. Skills/Spells are not free for any to learn, but rather associated to each class. Like race and class, skills/spells are also differentiated by remort state, so some of them are not available until you reach the appropiate remortal form. For example, the spell “Mist of Lectokke” (which allows the caster to change plane) is only available to Planar Sages (2nd remort of Sorcerer). The degree of success when using a skill/spell depends on several factors, including skill expertise, character level, character statistics, and opponent statistics. I will give an easy example of this with the skill “dodge”, an automatic skill that is checked each time an opponent lands a blow that would inflict damage. First, Nodeka checks for the skill to trigger off (if the skill was at 67%, it would set off every 2/3 time). If it does, the game compares the dodging character’s Agility with the attacker’s Dexterity and (allowing for a random factor) determines wether the blow is dodged or not. Partial success is also possible, such as turning a devastating blow into a graze. Spells work in the same way: for example, the spell “Earthened Skin” has several effects on the caster: substracts a bit to their Dexterity, and adds to their Strength and Armor Class. When it is casted, the success of the casting is based on the spell practice level (%). If it is successful, duration of the spell is based on the character’s level, while the power of the spell (i.e., how big the benefits are) is based on the character’s pertinent statistics (in this case, Intelligence/Wisdom or Willpower). ‘Downs’ and ‘ups’ of skills, in my opinion: 174 might not seem too many skills/spells, although their detail and balance probably makes up for it ) More specifically, remort skills are only already implemented in a few cases, so the skill system is by no means complete. Remort skills are being implemented at a steady rate, and there is a specific mud board for each character class, so players can post ideas for remort skills (which are very often implemented afterwards).[7 – AREAS] There are currently 61 open areas in Nodeka: not very many when compared to other muds out there. Of course, every single room is original. No “mostly original areas” there, but written from scratch. As an example of what i mean, the Abyss is a (hideously tough) dynamic area which re-creates itself randomly, making it even harder to run in – don’t ask me how this is done, i have absolutely no clue -. Areas are balanced in power and diversity. Also, even though Nodeka is not a roleplaying mud, the theme is carefully kept: you will find Kobolds in their dirty little caves, or Banshees in ancient crypts, but no Smurfs (thank God). If you want a gazillion areas to explore every day, then maybe this is not your place to mud. If on the other hand you prefer fewer areas, but interesting and detailed (and needless to say, with lots of secrets to discover), this might be the place for you. Once again, Nodeka is a rapidly growing mud, with areas being added regularly (if not as frequently as skills, for example). There is also an overland map system (which, like most things in the mud, is customizable and can be set off at will). Even more interesting is the ‘peripheral vision’ system (in addition to the usual ‘scan’ command), which allows you to take a look at your surroundings in a realistic way: with a true line of sight system, Nodeka shows you the things your character would actually be able to see, while not others (such as things behind closed doors, or around corners).[8 – EQUIPMENT]Nodeka differs greatly from all other muds I know, in regards to items and equipment. To begin with, there is no food or water in Nodeka (or the need to eat or drink, either). You might find this a virtue or a flaw, up to you: in my opinion, the need to eat and drink is merely an inconvenience in muds. In all the muds I have played, it’s simply solved by carrying a backpack with 50 bread rolls and 10 water barrels, and having triggers that make you eat or drink when necessary. Where’s the fun in that is just beyond me ) However, you might not like Nodeka’s solution if you enjoy the added ‘realism’ of eat/drink.The second difference is in ‘disposable’ items (e.g., scrolls, potions, wands, etc.). These simply don’t exist in Nodeka. Again, you might find it a lack not to be able, for example, to use a ‘potion of flight’ to be able to zoom over obstacles and reach areas you wouldn’t otherwise. Or to carry 10 healing potions with you and patch yourself up when you’re hurt. I think the reason these items don’t exist in Nodeka is simple: to encourage class balance and player interaction. If you need a flight spell, ask for it to a player who knows how to cast it. If you need healing power while killing monsters, bring someone capable of healing with you. By eliminating potions/scrolls/etc., classes increase tremendously in their uniqueness and usefulness (at the expense of item diversity and complexity).Finally, equipment restrictions in Nodeka are based on several factors: level (and remort status), race, class and stats. Equipment is more difficult to get in Nodeka than most other muds. Newbie eq is easy to get, but after that you will find it hard to get gear adequate for your level. Usually, equipment is bought to higher level players (or given free, if you find a generous soul) ) Once again, you might like being able to wield Demonic Flamed Blades of Vorpal Sharpness at low levels, and if so, you might find Nodeka frustrating ) If on the other hand you like the challenge of not having your character depend on equipment to be all-powerful, and the feeling of accomplishment when you *do* manage to get a powerful piece of eq, you’ll probably enjoy the way it works in Nodeka.[9 – IMMORTALS] There are 13 imms in Nodeka, including the lead implementor and coder, Nijlo. There is an immortal on 24/7 (although not always visible, but there if needed). Each of the imms has their own style and personality, of course, but there are a few things I have never seen here (which I -have- seen in many other muds): Immortals don’t cheat. Immortals don’t help players discriminatively (which would also be cheating, of course). Immortals don’t treat players with disrespect: the only cases where I have seen them border disrespect have been when a player has attempted to cheat, or when a player has, for example, insulted an Imm, cases where the said player has been zapped temporarily or even banned without much dialogue P Player-Imm interaction is not huge at the everyday level, and at the same time it is quite relevant in the mud: Imms are always there to help newbies or solve any problem that might arise, but with a few exceptions do not participate of the mud ‘chatter’ frequently. I believe this is mainly for two reasons: first, they’re probably working like heck on the mud P And second, Imms there are usually friendly but distant (I think to prevent closeness that might arise suspicion of cheating)…so player-imm interaction is mostly of the ‘formal’ type ) . On the plus side, there is hardly any player complaint or idea that I have seen ignored in Nodeka. Even if an idea is not feasible, it is reasoned, and like I said before, most remort skills are being implemented based on player suggestion. It is players who shape the development of the mud to a great extent.[10 – PLAYERS] As I write this, at 10 am EST (crazy hour? I’m an Euro :P), there are 17 visible players connected at Nodeka. The peak since the last reboot is 83. So I would say 15-80 players on depending on time, with an average of around 40-50 on US evenings. It keeps growing steadily every month too. I would not say the Nodeka players, as a whole, are newbie-friendly. If you connect for the first time and whine and beg to be run, you will probably be despised and PKed if there’s a chance ) Other than that, there is a wide range of player interaction…both friendly and not. Even though Nodeka is not a pure PK mud, there is a lot of playerkilling in Nodeka. The PK is not restricted to clan, or to player choice of setting themselves: once you hit level 30, you can be PKed by anyone, at anytime, except in safe rooms (although PK does not have drastic effects: no exp or eq loss). But be prepared to be PKed, a lot (and hopefully to kick their sorry asses back once you get big yourself :P). There are several clans in Nodeka, with different outlooks and policies. Like in most muds with a clan system, i guess, there are alliances, rivalries, and all that ) Any player can start their own clan if they have the mud-resources available: clans can also slowly get rooms, guildmasters, regeneration rooms, secret exits, etc. PK is recorded for each clan, both total and level-average. Apart from regular PK, there is a challenge system (the Citadel) that allows players to match their skills in an arena. Other than this, there are regular Imm-started Citadel Battles where any player within level limits (i.e., a 1-200 Citadel) can compete for a prize. Lots of fun. Trust me ) Citadel Battles can also be Clan Battles, where clans compete against each other.[11 – DONATIONS] Nodeka is not a pay-to-play mud. However, you must know that donating rl money -does- have an effect on the game. First, donated money can be converted into platinum and used to increase your stats, making for a more powerful character. This can also be achieved by getting the platinum within the game, of course, which is a slower way (again, if you donate a gazillion dollars and enhance your char madly, you will end up without the slightest knowledge of the game, and wits and knowledge *can* beat brawn in nodeka). Also, to remort you need to make a minimum donation of $20 (and another $20 for second remort, should you get there). Actually, this isn’t necessarily so: you can get the platinum equivalent to that running within the game, and some other player will exchange it for the donation money, but it’s quite easier to just donate the $20. Also, you can keep improving the character without remorting, although the power you will achieve is smaller. What do I mean by this? You can play Nodeka up to its limit without donating a single cent to the game. However, donators do improve faster, and generally have it easier, than people who do not donate. This is, in my opinion, regrettably unfair in a mud with this amount of PK, because character power is not always related to their skill in the game, but also money P On the other hand, given the extensive hardware improvements Nodeka gets all the time, I don’t think it would be up if it weren’t for donations. So it would come to either making it a pay-to-play mud, or this (since I don’t think many players would donate if it didn’t mean a benefit for their character).[12 – CONCLUSION] I write this small section to try and help you know what to expect in Nodeka, so you gauge your mudding style and expectations with its features:- Nodeka is an advanced mud. If you are new to mudding, I would start at an easier place, as it is quite challenging even for experienced mudders.- Nodeka is not a role-playing mud. Players act OOC, all the time. It is based around acquiring knowledge of the game and power, PK, and interacting OOCly with other players.- Nodeka is totally original both in code and areas. This makes it more difficult to start than other muds, and also extremely interesting to play.- Nodeka is evolving daily. If you want a long-established mud, where you know what to expect, this might not be for you. Almost every week there is some surprise at Nodeka, be it some new feature, area, skill…so things change all the time )- Nodeka is not PG-rated. If you are easily offended, don’t go there ) To be brief, I would strongly encourage you to play nodeka if you have some experience mudding, like PK, have the patience to re-learn a lot of things you thought you knew, enjoy challenges, and don’t want to be level 300 in a day. And i would say it’d be a good idea to try some other place if you’re into RP, like to know your grounds from the start, want a ‘protected’ environment, or are new to mudding. Thanks a lot for reading all this ramblings, and good luck ) And if you do stop by and you see Eldomir on, feel free to give me a tell, I will help you if I can.


Eldomir.Comments (0)

Huge mud seeks imms/builders
admin Tuesday, January 2, 2001

We are looking for builders and immortals. We need about 10 immortals and from 10-20 builders 🙂 as you can see this mud is hugeeeeeeeeeee, heres what we have to offer:12,000,000 wilderness rooms, 3layers and a set of areas.- Wilderness layers consist of Underworld(-1), Overworld(0) and Sky/Moon(+1)- Full OLC for surveys, wilderness exits, and any other boot-time loaded structures I have added.- Mud Sound Protocol support for both MUSIC and SOUNDs.- Many enhancements to SMAUG clan system, including clan ranks, improved player control and advanced member rosters that display fair information about each member.- A truly player driven economy– players can open shops at free will and they are treated as shops.- Complete rewrites of displays, prompts and listings within the game.- Crash handling. When the MUD crashes, it automatically calls a save and copyover to keep you playing.- Advanced text formatting features for wrapping to specific areas of the screen.- Weather on the wilderness, with tornadoes, rain, thunder, fires, hurricanes and more.- New vital statistic– will power. Your will to fight and survive. (also adds to experience gain)- Unique round-based ONLY experience system, where powerleveling is near impossible.- Area coordinate system and realistic player positioning in synchronization with the XYZ wilderness.- A system that awards roleplayers in the form of caste ranking in society.- Amazing text parsing system that supports HTML, DUMB and ANSI colour output.- An intricate skill circle, including over 300 original skills and spells.- Thirty BALANCED classes and thirty BALANCED races.- Copyover, global boards and many of Erwin Andreasen’s well-known goodies.- Original ‘skill proficiency’ system, along with findable randomly placed spellbooks with new spells.- At least twenty new wizard commands to help modify and manage the world.- Player-run ships for navigating the wide oceans.sound good?email rcerulli@optonline.netor head over to port: 9999(ip: speak to momo, or atropos.oh and we are running smaug codebase :)have fun and stop bye!-Momo

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Builders Needed
admin Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Hiya. We are in a rom2.4b6 modified, We are looking for some exp. builders. We have rewards for our builders, for instance we give a level up for every 75 rooms. Our MUD has clans and many new and exciting races such as Mutant, Werewolf, Dwarf, Elf, Bodybuilder, Avian, Thug, Vampire, and Slayer. We are all and all a very good MUD but we need to expand and add on areas.

Please contact us at or come visit us at Telnet:// or

Thank you Kyrian and all the Imps on Dark Apocalypse.Comments (0)

New Mud Sands Of Time
admin Tuesday, January 2, 2001

I must tell you about a new SMAUG mud, it is called Sands of Time. Currently it is mostly stock but cool new areas are being built by the dedicated and helpful immortals. The immortals are some of the nicest out there. This mud is very new so the opportunity to become a guild leader and start a clan or order is very real. Come on Sands of Time at port 4000 I’ll see you there.

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Need Builders/coders
admin Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Hello, I have a new MUD it is a Smaug base and I’m running a shell. I need 8 builder’s, one being the head builder and 3 coders, one being the head coder. Please email me for the addy then once its got to were I think it is worthy I will submit yall the addy.Thanks so much, Goku

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admin Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Anyone need builders at there mud I know of about 3 or 4 looking for muds to build on email me if you need builders for the subject line put mudding or building thanks I’ll get back to you as soon as possible if you email me be sure to email me a little about your mud so I can see if my builders want to build there or not thanks ~-_-~bret~-_-~

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Builders/Admin Needed at Vega4 MUSH
admin Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Vega4 is still needing builders AND admin for this recent grand-reopening. Our database is starting from scratch. There are a lot of opportunities for those who are willing to dedicate some time, including wizbits.Features of Vega4:Combat system (50% done, softcoded)Future features of Vega4:Space (wouldn’t be a SF MUSH without space)Economy systemMany other features.

Want to learn more? Go to, or telnet to port 2054. If you see me, Wolfgang, on there, say hello, even if I’m idling like a big dog.

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admin Tuesday, January 2, 2001

There’s no better feeling than coming back home to your own computer after having to use your parents’ p90 with 640×480 max res. for two weeks.


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