Old News from the Mud Connector

[October 24, 1999] New Listings Data We have added mud age as a new listings field, displaying the mud creation date by month and year. Once the data filters down we will add new search options to utilize this data. Also, thanks to KaVir for suggesting an alternative way to handle server type information. We are now storing 2 fields, parent server type and additional server type info. Eventually this will help us to standardize the way server types are represented here to help cut down on the confusion of allowing a freeform data field. [October 7, 1999] New Front Page Design Steve S. has done it again! In our continuing efforts to provide the best possible navigability of this site Steve has redesigned our front page. Please let us know what you think! [September 18, 1999] TMC Server Change TMC has moved to a new server. Our new IP address is and our ‘temporary’ hostname is http://mudconnect.mudgate.com . If your service provider’s name servers are not yet resolving to the new IP you can use one of the above locations to reach us. Please report any problems to admin@mudconnect.mudgate.com. [August 21, 1999] TMC Members – RP Central Lately we’ve been hearing often that roleplayers are finding it hard to find other mudders to RP with. This is our answer, TMC’s “Roleplay Central”. You can create roleplay sessions and allow other mudders to join you on a mud of your choice, or you can browse or search for already created roleplay sessions and join those that are still open. [July 12, 1999] TMC Membership & Under Construction Muds The TMC Membership system has now been opened. To signup point your browser to our signup page, its free and we’ll soon be adding new sections of the site just for members.

We are now welcoming under construction muds which are not yet open for players. There is now an option to be set in the submissions system, if you are submitting a mud which is not yet open for play be sure to set that flag!

[May 30, 1999] New advanced search option: language We finally have a suitable set of language data to make this option available for our advanced search engine users. You may now select multiple languages for your search criteria. [May 9, 1999] New advanced search engine options Many of our users have been requesting the ability to search for muds with a classless or leveless system. About a month ago we added this info to our submission form and today we have added the search engine options to our advanced search page. [March 26, 1999] TMC Summary / Player Review Search In our ever-present attemtps at making this site more navigable we have added a new TMC summary to the top of our front page. The summary now contains a link to our latest TMC review, a summary of the mud listings (with link to our listings gateway) and a summary of our player reviews with link to our new player review search. While the player review search is very simple right now (just a keyword search) look for an advanced version coming at some point in the future. [February 25, 1999] Advanced Search Engine Improvements The advanced search engine has been modified so that searches can now include multiple code bases and geographical locations. Thanks to all of you who have suggested this change, and thanks for having patience while waiting for it to be implemented! [January 28, 1999] New Affiliates Added Please welcome our newest TMC affiliates, UCMM, Imaginary Realities and MUDReview.hypermart.net. We will be providing a summary of Imaginary Reality’s articles each month, and cross-linking MUDReview’s mud reviews with TMC listings. Please take some time to visit both of these sites! [January 18, 1999] Player/Staff Member Reviews TMC is now accepting player/staff member reviews for our listed muds. Use our search engine to display the listing for the mud you wish to review, then follow the ‘Submit Review for …’ link (found in the left column of the listing). If the mud you wish to review does not have the review link it means that the mud has requested to not allow review submissions. [January 10, 1999] New Categories/Database Info Available Three new categories were added this week to our categorical search: 1) Muds with original worlds, 2) Restricted Pkill muds and 3) Non-Pkill muds. We also added ‘primary language spoken’ as a new database field for our submissions system. Once enough data is gathered we’ll add this new field to the search engines. [January 9, 1999] Attention Mud Admins: Java Telnet Client I have finally managed to patch up the java client’s relay server so that all outgoing connections to your muds are logged. This was becoming a real problem as more and more players were figuring out they could use our client to bypass mud sitebans – forcing admins to decide to put up with it, or not allow connections from TMC… With the new logging in place, we want admins to not hesitate to report problem players, and we’ll take care of them at the source. Please provide us with two or three connection times to your mud and we should be able to accurately determine the source of the problem. [December 21, 1998] Take our mud players survey Come let your likes and dislikes be known. We have provided a survey with some common mud features presented for you to rate as a feature you like or dislike. Thanks to Cyber Angel for suggesting this addition to TMC and for his suggested implementation… [December 8, 1998] New Site Design in Place As I am sure you are aware, we have received a significant face lift, curtesy of Steve Sicherman (creator/admin of The Mudzine). This new design should provide superior navigation over the old format, and look much nicer (of course). If you are having problems with the new layout please send me an email [October 26, 1998] New Advanced Search Options New options have been added to the advanced search form, allowing you to now search based on world size and originality… Choices range from all stock, small worlds to all original large worlds. [October 25, 1998] TMC Mud Reviews We have tried several times in the past to put together a working team for reviewing muds – all attempts failed. This time we’ve got it right! Come check out our first round of mud reviews. [October 20, 1998] TMCRing Now Open In response to popular request we have created the TMC Webring, to link sites that provide a serious devoted mudding resource from a central location. Any serious mud site is welcome to join, whether it be devoted to a single mud or muds in general. To join the ring, or navigate to other sites within it point your browser here. [October 12, 1998] New Categories Available Today we added two new categories to our categorical listings page. You can now generate listings for muds which are strictly skill-based or strictly level-based. [October 1, 1998] Now Available: TMJ Article Summary The Mud Connector will now be making available a summary of the most recent articles offered by The Mud Journal. Check here for this month’s summary! [October 1, 1998] Return of the Mudzine We are pleased to announce the return of the Mudzine! Mudzine is now accepting news submissions, send your news here. [September 28, 1998] TMC and Game Commandos Cooperation We are happy to announce that our listings will now be cross-linked with the Game Commandos reviews, and vice versa. For any of our listings which have been reviewed by GC, a link will be included so you can quickly navigate to their review. Back links will also be provided from GC so you can easily resume searching on TMC. Enjoy! [September 27, 1998] New advanced search options We have added two new search options to our advanced search interface: Clan support and detailed character customization. You may now include these in your search criteria. [September 1, 1998] Now Recruiting Reviewers The MUD Connector is looking for qualified people to help open a new section of the site devoted to mud reviews. If you are an experienced mudder, have good writing skills and would like to become a reviewer please send email to Icculus. [July 13, 1998] New Categories Added We have added several new categories to our categorical listings page at the request and suggestion of our users. Some additions include: muds running on the default telnet port (port 23) – for those of you having trouble telnetting to external port numbers, and muds based on TSR’s Dragonlance. [June 21, 1998] New listing options Mud administrators may now specify in their submissions if their muds offer clans and/or detailed character customization. [June 21, 1998] Graphical mud listings page I have redone the format of the graphical muds list, it now has two columns of listings to cut back on the amount of scrolling that is needed. Each listing summary now includes the status for the listing (Alpha, Beta, etc) and will display if the mud listing is new. All listings added in the future will include the listing date as well. [June 20, 1998] Some Changes to the listings format Two new options were added to the listing submissions. Mud admins may now specify how large their mud world is and how original / stock it is… Also note, due to popular request Great Britain and United Kingdom geographical locations have been grouped together, they are now available under the UK location in the submission system and the search engines. [May 23, 1998] TMC Online TMC Online is the mud version of the Mud Connector website. Although it is not a game (please don’t expect to slay any dragons or roleplay) the site is open for TMC users to chat with one another, use the admin/builders and coders lounges for recruiting help, and (of course) to search the TMC mud database. The site is in alpha testing stage, but is fully functional. To connect to TMC Online just telnet to telnet://mudconnector.com:4000 [March 8, 1998] New mud submission options available Today I added four new options for mud submissions. These new options include Hiring builders, Hiring Coders, Support for the Mud Sound Protocol (MSP), and support for Pueblo enhancements. After the changes have been in effect for a little while I will add these options to our advanced search interface so they can be used as a search criteria. [January 20, 1998] Many new GMUDs Added If you haven’t visited our graphical muds list lately now is a GREAT time to check it out. Our gmud specialist, Christine Blancher, has been hard at work gathering info about the new gmuds coming available. Keep your eyes on this section of the site frequently, as it is now starting grow consistently. [January 1, 1998] The Mud of the Month is back! Due to the many requests I have received to reinstate the Mud of the Month (MotM), I am happy to say that it has returned. Each month TMC will choose one mud to be showcased, to see this month’s MotM point your web browser to the motm archive page. [December 13, 1997] Subscribe to The Mud Connector Channel You can now have Mud Connector mudlist updates delivered right to your computer! See our subscribe page for details and available channel formats. [December 7, 1997] Search Interfaces It appears that there was some confusion with having the ‘Simple’ and ‘Advanced’ search forms on the same page, some people were inadvertantly treating the two forms as one large form – and getting incorrect results because of this. I have split up the two search forms so that each has a page of its own. For simple searching you can now use our simple search form and for advanced searching use our advanced search form. I hope this helps to clear things up! [December 2, 1997] Improved Navigation Back by popular request, the MUD Connector is now available with a horizontal frames set option. We now offer three navigation options, framless, vertical frames, and horizontal frames. [November 11, 1997] Change: Discussion Forums Due to lack of apparent interest, the ‘Player Killer’s Forum‘ has been removed. In its place, an area for mud administration issues has been added. [October 15, 1997] Mud Connector Move I’m sure many of you have noticed some strange behavior with the site during the last few days; some broken images, some misplaced links, script errors, etc… Well, the entire site is in the process of being moved to a new dedicated server (hosted by MudServices) and as a result these problems are popping up. Please be patient as we are doing our best to get things back on track. To help make the move a bit smoother we’d appreciate it greatly if you would report any errors or quirks you find, please email these to admin@mudconnect.com. After things settle down the site should be better than ever, quicker search results, quicker discussion boards, and the ability to allow more traffic than we could before.

A note of interest: The Connector has three new domain names, all of which point to the same site. These are mudconnector.com, mudconnector.net and mudconnector.org . The plus side of this is mainly for those of you who forget the url, the newer web browsers will be able to find us if you simply enter mudconnector in your browser’s location field.

[October 7, 1997] MPD Search: Bug Fixed Noticed a serious bug in the MPD search engine today, which was restricting most searches to return only 1 match from our extensive database. Surprising but nobody reported this error to me, surely someone else realized this before I, that bug must have been around for at least a month! *ACK* Anyway, its now fixed! Please, if anyone notices any bugs, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would report them to me! [August 20, 1997] Random Mud Link Updated The random mud link generator has been updated to allow random selection based on a specified server type. Please keep in mind some of the available server types only have a few listings in our database, and so will likely cause the same mud to appear with several reloads of the page. [August 3, 1997] New Statistics System The new statistics system is now in place and active on the site. Monthly data is now made available, as well as the totals which were previously available. The Top 20 system is now based on a moving average of the last month’s worth of data, this should help quelch the bias being given to newer mud listings. Also note that all muds must have been listed for at least 30 days before being considered for the Top 20. [August 2, 1997] Improvement to New|Update|Site Searches The results of a search for new listings, updated listings, or site changes is now sorted by date, displayed newest to oldest. Thanks to the many people who made this suggestion (too many to list here)! [August 1, 1997] Graphical Muds Update A listing was added today for White Orb, a java-based graphical mud currently in pre-alpha phase. I also cleaned up the entire database, fixing many of the obsolete links (amazing how quickly locations change). I also added a screen shots url to each listing where applicable. Not really sure why this was overlooked in the first place. [July 9, 1997] New GMUD Listings Two new graphical mud listings were added this week: Conquest of StoneCross from Port Zero and The Isle of Four Winds: Rune War from Arcanium Productions. Check out the graphical muds index page for details. [July 6, 1997] Mud Connector Resource Center Our old stagnant resources page has been replaced by a new database-driven system. The new resource center offers a categorical breakdown of links as well as a keyword search engine, an easy navigation system, and a way for our users to suggest new resources to be added. Point your web browsers to The Resource Center. [June 28, 1997] List of Updates Finally got around to making some changes that were planned long ago (excluding the new top 20 system which was suggested just this past week). Here is the summary:

  • Added new options to the mud submission system. Submitters can now specify the type of training system the mud uses (level or skill based) and the type of equipment system used (level, skill or level and skill based). This information is listed in the extended mud listings (via advanced searches).
  • Added new search options to the advanced interface. You can now search for muds which are 1) newbie friendly, 2) appropriate for children and 3) adult-oriented.
  • Added a new categorical listings page. This simplified interface allows the mud list to be generated based on a specific category. Some of these categories are: AD&D, Dragonlance, Roleplaing muds, Science Fiction Muds, and many more. Check out the new interface at mud_category.html, if you have suggestions for new categories to add send me an email, I’ll be glad to expand the list!
  • Top 20 system being revamped. The top 20 muds will soon be determined based on a moving average for one month’s worth of data, as opposed to the global averaging system used now. The data is being gathered and once the first month of data is obtained the new system will be made active. Thanks goes out to Alexander Fader for this suggestion!

[June 13, 1997] New GMUD Listing: EverQuest A new graphical mud listing was added today, for EverQuest, created by Sony Interactive Studios. See the graphical muds index page for a link to the new gmud listing! [May 30, 1997] Roundtable Upgrade A new version of the Roundtable chat system has been installed in place of the old one. Thanks to all of the Internet Explorer users who reported the numerous bugs! They should all be squashed now. [May 20, 1997] New GMUD Listing: Ethereal A new graphical mud listing was added today, for Ethereal, created by CyberNations, Inc.. Check out our graphical muds index page for a link to Ethereal’s listing! [March 28, 1997] The Help Desk The MUD Connector is proud to announce the opening of The Help Desk. We have been blessed with several volunteers who are very knowledgable in various aspects of muds, mudding, mud design, and assorted other fields. This service is open for newbies and experienced users alike with questions or problems. I hope you find this new service useful and a pleasant addition to the site. [March 28, 1997] Two New Graphical Mud Listings Two more graphical muds have been added for you to explore! Furcadia and Lords of Empyria can now be found via the graphical mud index. [March 15, 1997] New Host Server Our host server has been upgraded to a much faster CPU. Its about time really, the large databases and discussion areas were starting to catch up bigtime! Been speed-testing most of the areas of the site, everything is quite a bit faster, a nice improvement over the past performance. Especially the discussion system, who has the patience to wait 30 seconds to see a posted message? Certainly not I! Anyway, hope you enjoy the speed of the site! [March 12, 1997] “About the author” added For those interested, I added a brief bio page for the MUD Connector author. You can access the page at About.html. From your feedback and email I have learned quite a bit about the users of this site, I figure its only fair for those who want to know something about me. Update: Added About TMC section to this page on 2-13-98 [March 10, 1997] Search Engine Enhancement Due to popular request I have added a geographical location field for the advanced search interface. Those of you trying to find a mud close to home should have an easier time of it with this new addition. [March 07, 1997] New resources and graphical MUDs added I have added three new multi-player gaming links, all of which are worth a visit! Check out our game-resources section for the new listings (‘MPG-Net’ and ‘MPOG’) and our mud-resources section for the new ‘Great Big List of Talkers’ listing. Two new graphical mud listings have also been added: Sierra Online’s “The Realm” and Tantalus’ “Kingdom of Drakkar”. [March 05, 1997] DarkeMud Mailing List Created In an effort to help those Darke-mudders trying to reconstruct the mud I have setup a mailing list using our Mudbot software.It is our hope that the mailing list will help those involved to better communicate and organize their efforts.

I am also extending an invitation for other organizations to have a mailing list hosted by our Mudbot. If you are interested contact admin@mudconnect.com for details.

[February 18, 1997] Recent Connectivity Problems I’m sure many of you have been experiencing problems connecting to the MUD Connector at various times during the past month or so. This is due to two problems:

  • Router problems with our ISP’s neighboring backbone – This problem was only affecting some regions of the world and in any event has been corrected recently with new hardware upgrades.
  • Limit of server resources – The MUD Connector is using a Virtual Server, which shares system resources with other accounts. Each virtual server is allocated a certain portion of system resources, including a maximum number of running processes at all time. When many users are trying to make requests at the same time, exceeding our limits, the server begins sending users away (hence you get the ‘Sever Busy’ message). I have spoken with my provider and sometime soon they will be making available a more advanced server, offering more processes running simultaneously. As soon as this option is available I will convert the server over. This will effectively double my cost for running the site, but I want to provide the best possible service so money won’t be an issue and I won’t hesitate to take the upgrade. I will post a message when this has happened, in the meantime please try to cope with the delays. If you get that server busy message give it a little bit of time and try again. My apologies for this hassle!

[February 15, 1997] Resources: New Client Resources Added SimpleMU and MUTT (lite) have been added to the clients section of our resources page. As always we welcome your suggestions for new resources to add, primarly mud-related and client resources. If you know of a client application or a mud-related resource not found in our list please email me the name of the resource and the url. [January 26, 1997] New discussion Area The new forum, ‘Code Snippets’ is pretty much experimental and will remain an available discussion area if it appears to be useful. If you have pieces of code you designed and are willing to share with other mud coders please post them here. Or, if there is a piece of code you would like to see post a request here. [January 18, 1997] More Options for Advanced Searching I added options which allow you to restrict your searching to muds which allow some form of player-killing and/or some form of multi-playing. For those of you that aren’t sure, multi-playing a mud means having more than one character logged in and playing at the same time. [January 16, 1997] NOW OPEN: The MUD Players Directory (MPD) Kathleen McMahon (shae) and I are proud to announce the re-opening of the Mud Players Directory. Want to register your mud characters in the directory? Its simple and takes little time to do. Just point your web browser to http://www.mudconnect.com/mpd/ and press the ‘Sign Up’ button! The information you submit will then be stored in a temporary database and added to the registry within a matter of days!

Looking for an old mud friend or other mudders with similar interests? Check out the MPD search engine, or feel free to browse our listings! The site officially opens today and we hope to stock the database with your players’ info as quickly as possible, if you find the database scant right now please check back soon!

[January 16, 1997] Enhancements made to Big List The Big List will now look for an extended listing for each mud when creating their listing links. If an extended listing exists, clicking the name of the mud will load it, otherwise the mud’s standard listing will be used. If you are unsure of the differences between each of the two listing types check out our ‘Search help’ page by clicking the ‘?’ button on the Search the Connector page. [January 13, 1997] New Search Engine The search engine has been completely revised to allow for a more flexible and powerful search of our database. There are two modes available:

  1. Simple Keyphrase Search – For new users or for those users who just don’t know what they want, this search mode accepts a keyphrase and scans all of the listings in the standard database.
  2. Advanced Search Mode – This new mode allows our users to specify three keyphrase search modes (AND – look for all keywords, OR – look for at least one keyword, PHRASE – treat the keywords as a text string). For AND and OR modes keywords are space-delimited. With this mode you can also specify a particular mud server type to search for, specify various traits to look for (extended race selection, extended class selection, quests, role-playing, etc…). You may also restrict your search to just the theme of the mud.

A help system is coming soon to help make your visit a prosperous one. Don’t think we are stopping here, we have ALOT in store to help make our search engine the most powerful way to find a mud available on the net!

[January 7, 1997] Graphical MUD Listings They seem to have taken the net by storm, offering the interaction of a text-based mud with the added capability for new graphics and sound. In order to stay in touch with the state of multi-user gaming the MUD Connector is now listing commercial graphical internet games. Although our list is very small as of yet, we plan to offer a comprehensive index of these new games. Contact admin@mudconnect.com for details on adding a new Gmud to the list! [January 7, 1997] Update: The MUD Players Directory Don’t worry folks, the project has NOT been aborted. We are working on the final touches to the website and hope to release it very soon. Keep checking back, its almost ready! ๐Ÿ™‚ [December 18, 1996] Coming Soon: The MUD Players Directory Seeking an old mud-friend from long ago but no idea where to start? Looking for other mudders with similar interests? Kathleen MacMahon’s MUD Players Directory (MPD) is about to be reborn, complete with online registration utilities, alphabetical player listings and (of course) a search engine to help find the people you are looking for. Stay tuned, the opening is soon and we’ll post a notice here as soon as the MPD is opened once again to the public. [December 11, 1996] Stats System: Improvement Fixed up the sorting algorithm for the Top 20 lists. Previous versions were converting to integer values for the daily averages and then sorting. The actual floating point values are now sorted so the true ordering is produced. [December 10, 1996] Stats System Reset The Stats system has again be rewritten to prevent the cheating which has been taking place (people have been clicking links over and over again to run the stats up for their favorites muds…). Thanks goes out to Kevin Jagh from AVATAR Mud for an idea on how to get around the problem (better than the solution I had in mind which was to get rid of the whole stats system!). Because of the excessive level of cheating I have reset the stats database, apologies go out to the muds which had accurate stats. [December 07, 1996] Scrollable Big List The scrollable version of the Big List is now the default, I hope this makes things easier for those of you with slower links to the net. [November 19, 1996] Another Stats System Bug Squashed Thanks to Peter Lowe (of MUDvertiser fame) who spotted and reported the fun-loving bug in the Top 20 which displayed raw telnet scores even for Top 20 homepage visits and search requests. Ok, ok, it was sloppy coding, so shoot me…. That was a joke, please don’t shoot me. ๐Ÿ™‚ [November 15, 1996] Connection Checker Updated The MUD Connection Checker has been tweaked and should hopefully be functioning better than the previous version. Each individual listing now includes a link to the Connection checker so you no longer have to load the Big List to get this information. Hope this makes things easier for you! [November 14, 1996] Top 20 Statistics Bugs It has come to my attention that some now defunct muds are still listed in some of the Top 20 mud listings. If you ever come across such a listing please bring it to our attention so we may remove them from the stats database… [October 23, 1996] Top 20 Muds Rewrote the code for computing the top 20 muds as determined by telnet requests, homepage visits and mud searches. New top 20 system is MUCH faster. [October 20, 1996] Out with the old, In with the new When the Mud Connector started it consisted of one page, each mud listing was stored strictly as html. After acquiring about 150 mud listings this page was split up into four pages, listing muds beginnning with A – F, G – L, M – R and S – Z. At this time html was still the only saved format. Shortly after I started converting the listings over to a more generic database format. This would make it easier to make updates, add new listings, modify the search engine, etc. Its been about a year and a half since then and we have finally completely phased out the old html-style listings. Consequently those four pages (A – F, G – L, M – R and S – Z) have been replaced by a system which provides all listings for a single letter of the alphabet. Check out the Connections Page for the new system. [September 21, 1996] Scrollable Big List You can now scroll through the Big List and view a specific segment of muds at a time. You can start at either end of the list and view from 20 to 250 muds at a time.. [September 17, 1996] Statistics Database Crash In the process of adding new tracking code to the search engine I managed to crash the stats database. Woop! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The new database was just created and it should be stable… We’ll see anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ [September 16, 1996] Mud Statistics The new statistics system is now open to the public. You can access the stats for any individual mud by clicking its “Show Stats” link on the Big List. All listings generated by the search engine will also contain the stats links for each mud displayed. The system will even show a list of the top 20 muds in three fields:

  • Top 20 muds by telnet daily average
  • Top 20 muds by homepage request daily average
  • Top 20 muds by search request daily average

[September 11, 1996] New Update Feature for Submissions Thanks goes out to Larnen from Elephant Mud and his suggestion for allowing easier updates for mud listings. From the submission page you can now enter the mud name you wish to update and have its data loaded into the submission form for you saving lots of time for those folks who need to make slight changes… Please note, this feature only works with mud listings created or updated after December 25th, 1995 since the info needs to be extracted from the extended database. [September 11, 1996] Search Engine Overhaul Suffice it to say that the Connector has outgronw its original search engine, causing me to have to rewrite it tonight. The original Connector search engine in standard mode was using the alphabetized html listings files for its database. Due to system constraints this was beginning to cause memory overloads. The new version uses a database similar to the extended database (yet without the extended information), this should solve the problem.

I have lost track of the date for the remaining updates. These entries were added sometime during or before August, 1996

Search Form Fixed (I think) I have received a bunch of complaints about the search form and submission form radio buttons not displaying on Netscape for Windows. I think the problem has been fixed by using a contrasting bgcolor with a black background image, I hope anyway! Please, if you have experienced this problem in the past and it appears fixed send me some mail, I’d love to know for sure! Improvements made to the Connections Page In addition to cleaning up the table layout for the Connections Page I have added a utility for listing ALL muds under a specific code base (or just all of the muds in general, although beware, this will take a LONG while to load). I am sorry it took so long to add this, people have been requesting this utility for about a year now *blush*. The MUD Connector now has a new home The MUD Connector move is now official. We are active at the new site, located at http://www.mudconnect.com/ and all requests to the old location will be redirected. This redirection will only be available for a limited time so please be sure to bookmark the new location, and/or change any links you might have!

The new contact email address for the Mud Connector is mud@mudconnect.com, please feel free to drop us a line.

Search Engine Overhaul, New Database Since December I have been gathering extended information about each new mud being submitted, as well as trying to get some of the older listed muds to update. Today (June 2nd) I finally got the time to overhaul the Mud Connector search engine to accept this new database as a possible option for searches. I am happy to say that it is now available to you as an extension to the existing search engine, which clearly seems to be the most visited spot at this site.

The new database can be selected as your search target (choose ‘Extended Database’ in the search form options) and matches to your query will now return the following extra information:

  • Administrator’s email address (if they allowed me to list it)
  • The theme of the mud. Soon there will be more search options available to target specific fields in a typical mud listing. Who am I kidding, soon could be next year for all I know, make it when I get the time. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Availability of multi-playing (ability to play more than one character simultaneously).
  • Player killing, whether it is allowed, not allowed or restricted.
  • Other stats about the mud like availability of quests, extended race/class selection, ansi color availability, pay-per play, etc.

As soon as time permits I will be adding the ability to have search results emailed to you. This will allow you to create custom mud lists using the results of your mud connector searches. Of course, as usual, I am open to your suggestions for further improvements. To be truthful most of the enhancements made are based on your suggestions, so it does pay to send comments! ๐Ÿ™‚

Enhancements made to Big List The Big List now has an extra field for each mud, a link to check if the mud is connectable. Clicking the ‘Check‘ link will invoke a program which tries to establish a connection to the mud, if successful the welcome screen of the mud is displayed. Also, the Big List links for each mud’s description and the new ‘check’ utility will now spawn a second web browser (for those browsers that support targets). I changed this because the Big List tends to take a LONG time to load and navigating to and from it slows things down dramatically. It is my hope that this will make it easier to view mud descriptions and check on their connect status. Let me know what you think, send me mail! New Resources Added There are now links added to the Resources page for downloading telnet applications. For you new internet users out there, telnet is needed for establishing a connection between two computers and is needed for connecting to muds in particular. You will find links to Trumpet Telnet, NCSA PC telnet and NCSA telnet for the Macs. If you know of a resource I should add please send me mail.