• TMC: Daedalian Musing – Dungeon Crawling? : Caves

    Dungeon Crawling? : Caves by Delphine Lynx November 4, 2002 The purpose of this piece will be to examine the different factors which go into the creation of a Cave style dungeon, and is intended as a companion article to the others in the Dungeon Crawling? series. “If there hadn’t been women we’d still be […]

  • TMC Reviews: SlothMUD III

    SlothMUD III QuickFacts TMC Listing: SlothMUD III Server Type: [Dikumud] Heavily Modified Site: slothmud.org 6101 [] Homepage: http://www.slothmud.org/ TMC Reviewer: Ingrid Vertow Mud Theme SlothMUD III is set in an original world, in medieval ages, with all the typical features of a fantasy MUD: alot of gleaming steel and flashy magic, and alot of species […]

  • TMC Reviews: Threshold RPG

    Threshold RPG QuickFacts TMC Listing: Threshold RPG Server Type: [Custom] Role Play Required and Enforced Site: thresholdrpg.com 23 [] Homepage: http://www.thresholdrpg.com/ TMC Reviewer: Lynne Hall Mud Theme Threshold is a fantasy-based MUD with a strong emphasis on roleplaying. It has a well-defined and complex structure, with race, guilds, clans and religions all having importance within […]

  • TMC Reviews: The Inquisition

    The Inquisition QuickFacts TMC Listing: The Inquisition Server Type: Site: Homepage: TMC Reviewer: Jeffrey Smith Mud Theme The Inquisition is a unique fantasy world, completely original with no stock zones that I could find. The zones that exist are well-written and make sense within the worldview set forth by the mud-world itself. The world is […]

  • TMC Reviews: Carrion Fields

    Carrion Fields QuickFacts TMC Listing: Carrion Fields Server Type: [Rom] 11+ years away from ROM 2.3 Site: carrionfields.com 9999 [] Homepage: http://www.carrionfields.com/ TMC Reviewer: Brandon Brown Mud Theme Have you ever read the summary on the back panel of a book; then begun reading the book to find that there is no similarity? To be […]

  • TMC: The Villain's Handbook

    The Villain’s Handbook by Ephera December 25, 2005 Forward More than a few people have applauded my characters as villains, and a couple of people have come to me to inquire how to be one. I’m sure that a lot of people have their own views on it, but I thought I’d post my own […]

  • TMC Reviews: Discworld

    Discworld QuickFacts TMC Listing: Discworld Server Type: [LP] Discworld LP Site: discworld.imaginary.com 23 [] Homepage: http://discworld.imaginary.com:5678/ TMC Reviewer: Selina Kelley Mud Theme As taken straight from the web page, Discworld MUD is a multi-user game based on the Discworld books as written by Terry Pratchett. Having never read the Discworld series, I cannot comment on […]

  • TMC: Daedalian Musing – Setting Theft

    Setting Theft by Delphine Lynx November 25, 2002 We all have our pet peeves; this happens to be one of mine. That said, the rant does eventually relate itself to MUDs. I’d also like to apologize in advance to those of you out there who are attempting to faithfully recreate a world; this isn’t targeted […]

  • TMC Reviews: The X-Files MUCK

    The X-Files MUCK QuickFacts TMC Listing: The X-Files MUCK Server Type: [MUCK] TinyMUCK 2.2 Site: xfiles.ginkosoft.com 1912 [] Homepage: http://www.xfilesmuck.com TMC Reviewer: Nick Lacasse Mud Theme This MUD is based on the wildly popular “X-Files” from 20th Century Fox. There are normal characters (the majority of the players), paranormal characters, and feature characters that are […]

  • TMC: Builder Tips and Tricks (part I)

    Builder Tips and Tricks (part I) by Xani October 18, 2002 The art of building enjoyable and imaginative areas, where players will actually take the time to read the room descriptions and not plow through without a thought to their ‘surroundings’, is not as hard as it may seem. One important factor is consistency, you […]

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