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    Backups 101 by Alan Lenton (email: alan@ibgames.com) November 17, 2005 Do you run a MUD? Yes? Then have you thought about what you are going to do if something goes wrong and you lose all the data? Recently, a number of high profile losses of player data in other MUDs have prompted some players to […]

  • TMC Reviews: Ansalon

    Ansalon QuickFacts TMC Listing: Ansalon Server Type: [Rom] 2.4 (from Ahotasu’s AlphaMud) Site: ansalonmud.com 8679 [] Homepage: http://www.ansalonmud.com TMC Reviewer: Jonathan Kensler Mud Theme Ansalon is a fantasy world based on the Dragonlance series. Along with this, role playing is a major part of the mud. Each immortal on the mud role plays as a […]

  • TMC Reviews: After the Plague

    After the Plague QuickFacts TMC Listing: After the Plague Server Type: [LP] MudOS (CoreDump mudlib) Site: atp.pedia.szote.u-szeged.hu 3000 [] Homepage: TMC Reviewer: Selina Kelley Mud Theme After the Plague is a medieval role-playing mud, focusing on life (funnily enough) after the plague. Whilst roleplay is encouraged, it did not seem enforced, and there were […]

  • TMC: Daedalian Musing – Five Tips for Staying Healthy This Thanksgiving

    Five Tips for Staying Healthy This Thanksgiving by Delphine Lynx December 2, 2002 Just a few very quick thoughts on implementing several methods of healing more original than restoring x health via y potion. Like most of you out there, I am rather occupied with the holidays this week, but will be back next week […]

  • Mud Connector: Reviews

    Mud Connector: Reviews We are proud to be able to finally open this new section of TMC, featuring reviews of some of the muds listed in our database. While our present list of reviews is indeed small, keep in mind that our review staff is working around the clock to bring you high quality reviews. […]

  • TMC: Daedalian Musing – Boo?

    Boo? by Delphine Lynx November 1, 2002 Slightly belated, this was to be a special edition published on Halloween. That said, the focus of this piece is on random events rather than on the ambience of the areas themselves, which will eventually be addressed in a different piece. “Never frighten a little man. He’ll kill […]

  • TMC Reviews: Materia Magica

    TMC Reviews: Materia Magica Since 1996, Ingenii Interactive has been running Materia Magica with a custom codebase. With 241 player levels, this game offers a touch of everything for adventurers. New adventurers begin in a small town, where they explore and gain experience until the tenth level is reached. At that point, the player begins […]

  • TMC Reviews: Legends Untold

    Legends Untold QuickFacts TMC Listing: Legends Untold Server Type: [Rom] Heavily Modified Site: lowmud.org 8000 [] Homepage: http://Coming Soon New Review – 7/30/2002 TMC Reviewer: Jonathan Syu Mud Theme Legends Untold is a Pure-PK MUD, which encourages players to duel against each other as much as possible. When beginning, the chance to join several different […]

  • TMC: Daedalian Musing – World Maps in MUDs

    World Maps in MUDs by Delphine Lynx November 11, 2002 I went back and forth about writing this article, as it is a topic I would have preferred to spend more than two hours writing on. But for wont of another topic, here we are. Eventually I plan to revisit the issue, presenting my own […]

  • TMC: Building a Sense of Family Community

    Building a Sense of Family Community by Alaire November 3, 2002 [Building a Sense of Family Community appears on TMC courtesy of The Mud Journal. Visit TMJ today for more great articles!] Over the last few years since I opened Southlands, we have had to deal with the unfortunate truth that we will, very likely, […]

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