Parental Warning

If you are a parent concerned that your child may be exposed to content more suited for an adult, then read on!

TMC lists a large number of muds (currently a bit more than 1400) and there are a good number of different themes and genres that these muds revolve around. However, one common presence in a very large number of these muds is violence, whether it be medieval swordplay, space combat or modern-day warfare. There are some exceptions, and even some muds toned specifically for children, but the vast majority of the muds that we list are combat- oriented. In addition to violence some muds may have public channels where offensive language is frequently used, and possibly even adult situations being depicted within the text.

The mud listings that we provide are all supplied by either the mud’s administration, a player or staff member with approval from the mud’s administration, or someone not directly affiliated with the mud that wishes to supply us with information about that specific mud. Because of this we cannot take any responsibility with the information supplied being accurate. Muds which fail to include the “Adult-oriented material” in their listing may very well be adult-oriented. To be sure that your child is connecting to a mud that is appropriate for his/her age level you’ll need to do some investigating directly. Below we provide some tips which will help you find a mud suitable for your child.

Tips for finding the right mud

  • Avoid any mud which clearly lists itself as adult-oriented, chances are good that this aspect is true!
  • Connect to the mud you are considering and spend some time watching the players and listening to the public channels. Weekends and evenings are generally a good time to see a nice cross-section of the mud’s player base. Try to make at least a few different visits at different times.
  • Our listings include a link to the contact address for the mud (either the mud admin directly or the person in charge of maintaining their TMC listing). Send this person email and ask them directly. Explain that you are a concerned parent and wondering if the mud is suitable for your child. Chances are good that you will get an honest response!
  • Try to find an immortal or administrator on the mud itself, and then ask them about the atmosphere and suitability for children. You might even wish to ask some of the other players you run into.

At the time of this writing there is only one TMC listing which explicitly claims to be for children of ages 9 – 13. This mud is MOOSE Crossing. If you are interested in checking this mud out firsthand check out the TMC listing

Our search engine is a good tool to help you find child-safe muds. Just point a web browser to our search form and enter children in the keyphrase text area that is provided. After pressing the button to start your search a list of all mud listings that matched the word children will be displayed. NOTE: Be sure to read the text descriptions of each of the returned listings, as many listings may match the word children but they may not be child-safe. However, any child-safe listings will be included in that list!