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You can now have Mud Connector mudlist updates delivered to your computer daily. Through the beauty of push technology, our mudlist updates can be sent to you everyday so you can look for new mud listings or updated listings as easily as possible. Instructions follow for subscribing through Netscape Netcaster, Pointcast Connections, or Microsoft Active Channels.
Netscape Netcaster

Open the Communicator software, and from the ‘Communicator’ menu, open Netcaster. After the software has fully opened, select the ‘New’ option from the Channel Finder. When the ‘Channel Properties’ box opens, enter:

in the Location box. You must also select a name for the channel, enter ‘Mud Connector: Mudlist Updates’ (or anything else you’d like). You must also select a time interval for updating the channel, I would recommend selecting either 1 or 2 days… Anything more frequent is overkill, since we rarely update the database more than once a day.

Pointcast Connections

Open the Pointcast software and choose ‘Personalize’ from the left side panel, choose ‘Personalize Channels’ from the submenu. Next, press the ‘Add’ button. In the ‘Location’ box, enter:

Once the url is confirmed by Pointcast, press the ‘OK’ button. The Mud Connector channel should now appear in your Pointcast Connections menu.

Microsoft Active Channels

Microsoft’s Active Channels is the easiest way to subscribe, but you’ll need to have Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer. Simply point your browser to:

Internet Explorer will automatically detect the channel information and prompt you to subscribe. Once subscribed, depending on the option you selected, you may either have our mudlist updates sent to you everyday, or you may elect to be notified when updates are made.


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