The Mud Connector: Rankings Calculations

TMC Rankings Calculations

TMC has recently revised its top10 and top20 mud lists, these are no longer based on the connection stats we track for each listed mud. The rankings are now calculated twice daily based on the following calculations.

Instructions for Adding Voting to your Mud Webpage

TMC Voting Rules and Policy::

    Notice:A more detailed set of rules will eventually reside here, but for now we have a very simple policy:

  • A TMC user is allowed to cast a single vote for a specific mud once per day.
  • Cheating to boost stats is not permitted, this includes anything designed to bypass our ‘one person – one vote per mud – per day’ rule.
  • If the above isn’t clear enough – Using Open Proxy Servers to Cast Votes Will Cause Your Mud To Be Unrankable on TMC !!!
  • Players may not be offered incentives or rewards for casting votes for any given mud (that is, players may not receive anything more than the satisfaction for casting their one vote per day for their favorite mud).
  • The two above rules will be handled on a case by case basis, possible penalities for abuse of the ranking system consist of temporary or permanent bans of the mud within the ranking system or tmc’s muds database. The TMC administration reserves the right to handle any abuse that we discover however we see fit.
  • These rules and our policy regarding the rankings may be changed at any time.

How TMC Ranks Listed Muds:

  1. Everyday TMC keeps track of all votes cast for the muds we list in our database, our tracking software _attempts_ to limit our users to contribute 1 vote per day per mud.
  2. To curb attempts at cheating or vote stuffing you will not know whether your vote was counted or not. All votes cast are stored in a temporary database and periodically analyzed throughout the day before being added to the validated vote count.
  3. Each mud has a ranking index which reflects its position against all other listed muds in TMC’s database, based on the incoming votes cast for that mud.
  4. Telnet clicks and Homepage clicks no longer contribute to mud rankings as they previously did, only Votes cast will be counted.

HOWTO: Add Voting to your Mud’s Webpage:


Adding a vote button or link to your mud’s webpage is easy to do and is a good way to show your players you would appreciate their votes. We have a default icon you may use, or you may use a custom one of your choosing, or you can use a plain text link. The TMC Vote url is – If your mud name has spaces be sure to substitute ‘+’ characters wherever a space would appear, as in the examples.

1. Using TMC’s Button


2. Using A Custom Button

Vote for Our Mud on TMC!

3. Using A Plain Text Link

Vote for Our Mud on TMC!