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Everchanging Book of Names – The famous random name generator for 32-bit Windows systems. Never again will you get stuck on naming your character!
Game Forums – Game related discussions from GameHourz.
Gamers Europe – Join the Revolution –, the definitive site for daily updated gaming news, reviews, previews and community content specifically for European gamers.
GamesDex – Gamesdex is a directory of online games includes description, user ratings, reviews, and game search.
Lynx’s Repository of Gaming – A compilation of roleplaying and gaming material, including both general writing and some specific to Shadowrun or MUDs.
Multiplayer Online Games Directory – MPOGD features an extensive categorized listing of online multiplayer games, news updated daily, reviews, interviews, reader submissions, message boards, and more.
Online Games – Download or Play Online Arcade, Word. Strategy Games
Online Multiplayer Gaming Network (OMGN) – A Directory of Multiplayer Online Games (MPOG’s) and gaming-related websites such as those for Clans and Fans. Also includes the latest News and Views related to the world of MPOG’s and a Discussion Forum.
RPG Forums Online – A role-play forum and community for all things RPG, fantasy, MUD, anime and role-play related.
SOL – multiplayer-space-trading-war-game. Take a planet and expand or die. A mixture between Sim-City and Dune II. Takes tons of your time if you want to become one of the best. Login as (demo, demo) if you’d like to look at some higher level planets.
SegPlay – Online Paint by Number – SegPlay is a fun, free, and challenging interactive artistic experience which allows you to color in detailed patterns of photographs and well known art images, without lifting a paint brush or crayon. Its the largest collection of Paint by Number patterns on the Internet!
The Echo, a Gaming Webzine – The Echo : A daily webzine of gaming information, including advice and material for pencil and paper roleplaying games, Multi-User Dungeons and video games.
The Games Domain – A comprehensive resource for everything games related.
Vanguard Saga of Heroes Links – A comprehensive listing of links for all Vanguard 3rd gen Massively Multiplayer Online Game related sites ordered by type of information and category. – video games sites directory from classic arcade to recent 128 bit console and computer games
Well Of Souls – Well of Souls (Free maybe donate not that much perks for donations) Virtual 2D RPG Make your own RPG also connect in a wide array of options ect, ect, ect you will LOVE it.
Wizards of the Coast – The website for Wizards of the Coast, creators of Magic: The Gathering. Magic is a trading card game, where your _deck_ determines your magical knowledge, and your intelect and imagination are required to defeat your oponent(s).

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