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    Computer Currents Interactive – This is the online version of the award-winning magazine Computer Currents, chosen as one of the top 5% sites on the net and a Magellan Green-Light site!
    Cool Site of the Day – Sad to say but this is not the same Cool Site that millions of net-users worldwide have relied on for years. Still worth a look, mainly for the archive of original cool sites chosen by the creator, Glenn Davis. I personally owe Glenn a debt of gratitude. It was his choice that gave the Connector site its first boost into the public eye. It will be impossible to forget what he has done for this, and many other sites around the net.
    Flatland – 3D on the web – An interesting way to create 3D homepages.
    Second Shifters: Radio that bites… Hard – Second Shifters is an online station with a focus on the darker tastes that so many mudders have in common. We’re broadcasting 24/7 and will often take requests (so long as they don’t include Britney Spears). Take a listen and enjoy.
    Slashdot – News for nerds, stuff that matters! A great news/community site for gamers and nerds of all breeds.

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