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[Featured Site] Wolfpaw Services – Wolfpaw provides MU* hosting services ranging from those needed for a new world, just getting on its feet, all the way to Co-located machines for large worlds. We are one of the Internet’s leading MU* hosting providers, hosting over 200 individual games, including Achaea, Aetolia, and Imperian. Our network was designed with text based games in mind, and is fully owned and operated by us. Featuring redundant internet connections, totaling 145 Megabits of bandwidth dedicated only to us, site wide backup power, high security, and 24 hour on call staff to ensure our machines stay running at optimal performance. We want your business. Please feel free to email us and let us know exactly what you need – we will do our best to provide it at the lowest cost possible.

Amber – We are one of the Internet’s longest standing free MUD account providers, operating since 1999. We enjoy catering for new, interesting games and existing MUDs just looking for a new home. Our servers are all placed within geographically diverse data centres with dedicated low lag bandwidth. Daily remote backups are provided and our accounts are designed to support your creations, not restrict you.
Ancient Realms Low Cost Mud Hosting – Ancient Realms Mud Hosting is a low cost hosting site. You can host a mud for as low as $5/month and no setup fee! Visit the webpage for more information.
Arthmoor Internet Services – Arthmoor Internet Services is a fast and reliable mud host built by mudders for the benifit of mudders. Our servers come packed with plenty of hard drive space and ram. We have packages for as little as $10 a month, which include full DNS, POP3, FTP, and web support. We run the latest version of Redhat Linux and keep up on all of the latest security and bug fixes. Why not drop by and see if we’re right for you?”
BizFu MUD hosting – As MUD players and builders ourselves, we’re pleased to offer a selection of hosting packages for your MU*. – is devoted to offering low cost and reliable MU* and web hosting. Our machines are not oversold and we are hosted on a OC 48 connection. Come and see what we can do for you! Hosting – is dedicated to bringing the best possible service to the customer for the best possible price. We specialize in web hosting and MU* hosting. E-mail accounts, E-Mail lists, free DNS resolution, and domain handling provided. – is a reliable hosting service that allows both MU*, and website hosting in addition to it’s original talker hosting. Support is very helpful and informative in all aspects with a willing staff on hand.
ECI Games – ECI Games, simple MUD hosting, nothing fancy.
Envy Communications – Envy Communications is dedicated to providing MUDs with a quality home. The owners of Envy (Kahn and Hatchet of Merc and Envy fame) know what it takes to run a good mud, having written and run MUDs for over 7 years. Envy offers several packages from a MUD just starting out to dedicated machines, at very reasonable prices.
GDN Networks – 1 MU* Host by MU* Designers – GDN Networks can host your MU* leaving you with little worries. Since our staff has been writing MU* kernels since 1996. We offer monitoring for your MU* to let you know when it has trouble. Our prices are very resonable and offer more services than any of our competitors. You wont be dissapointed. Contact us at or call 1-800-495-9924 to get your MU* online today.
InfoLaunch MUD Hosting – InfoLaunch offers professional, lightning fast, user-friendly and affordable MUD, MUSH, MOO and MUX hosting packages with an integrated control panel, automated sign-up and much more. Our data-center location insures lightning fast speed. MUD packages start at $5.99. Virtual dedicated servers available starting at $39.99 a month.
Kydance Hosting – A MU* hosting service with very low prices. Sorry, but we don’t do MUDs. MOOs, MUSHs, and MUXs are welcome however. Come check out our prices, and apply for a slot on our server. – Linux Mud Hosting with Root Access – Virtual Private Servers (VPS) make the ultimate mud hosting platform. Root Access, Premium Bandwidth, Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake, Slackware – Starting at $19.95/mo for 64MB RAM, 1GB Disk.
MOO-Cow Penguin Creations – A small hosting company that specializes in MUD hosting. They offer free hosting and also pay services including cPanel and some Reseller Plans.
MUDShell – MUD Hosting, MUD Shells, MU* Hosting services, source code and clients. A MUD resource site by MUD designers. – We at mudhost offer cheap prices with alot of leeway and are able to make exceptions with space and ports. Check out the website! – is a full featured mud and web host that offers great support and are more than happy to help you set up your mud or website. Hosting At Its Finest – The servers are located on a 1.2gb per second transfer line, placing us as one of the fastest host providers. Use our custom build form to design an account that suites your needs. Basic packages starting at $11.00/mo. We offer a secure web admin panel that lets you read email, edit files, set public keys, crontabs, commands jobs, view logfiles and a number of other features which all maintain a focus on online text games. Kyndig.Com provides hosting services for online text games only.
PlanetMUD – PlanetMUD hosts your MU* for a low cost per month. Plus with a 15 day trial use, you have nothing to lose! Check out the homepage for more information!
RPG-Works.Net – RPG-Works.Net has been in business since June of 2002, providing reliable MUD hosting. It’s one of the few providers to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
SiteGenie Hosting – We do not have our gaming products page listed however we will be promoting a virtual server product that lets you get the security and control of a dedicated server for your mud, websites and anything else you want to put on it for only $99 a month.. This includes 500 megs of hd space, 128 ram and 10 gigs transfer a month… You no longer have to worry about your cpu or memory usage due to normal shared systems or someone from another mud accessing your files, We put YOU in control.
Slayn.NET – Welcome to Slayn.NET. This is a place where muds, mud related websites, or role play related websites can get hosted for free.
Softcon mud hosting – We offer complete hosting packages, muds, Web pages, ftp space, shell accounts, and much, much more. Anything is available, from the starter mud up to the well established ones with hundreds of players. We kater to small muds, but will host anyone. Mud and Shell hosting – is a mudshell and web hosting business operated by one of the oldest participants of MUDs on the Internet. With over 12 years of mudding, 8 years of coding and 6 years of hosting under thier belt they are one of the best around to trust your code, your users, and your life to. With Daily backups, No god access required, and very reasonable rates on fast reliable machines.
Third Generation Internet Services – MU* Hosting – Third Generation is an advanced, secure and reliable hosting provider, offering shared web hosting services, dedicated server technology solutions, MUD gaming services and personal as well as business email solutions.
UK Shells MU* Hosting – UK Shells is a large shell provider in the UK.. who offer MU* accounts. Based on a fast link direct to LINX, with less than 80ms latency to the US, and great connections to the rest of the world (7 hops from MU* machines to Pakistan!!), all offered at a affordable price. Credit Cards accepted online.
UltraUnix – 1st class mud hosting – Looking for reliable and fast mud hosting? Let UltraUnix fullfill your dream as we’re on a dedicated T1 connection. Check out our price NOW!
Viper Net Hosting – Welcome to Viper Net. We are a hosting service owned and operated by Viper Computers. We offer Web Hosting, Email Hosting, as well as Mud Hosting for you gamers. Your Account is important to us. We are dedicated to provide our customers with the best possible service with our OC-192 connection. Our administrators and mud administrators work hard to ensure that your account is available and lag free for you and your players.
XaNeT MUD Hosting – XaNeT offeres the most incentives at the lowest possible price to its customers. Free domain names included with most accounts. Optional unlimited email addresses for even your players.
Xidus.Net — MU* Hosting – Xidus.Net’s MU* hosting packages start at $10/mo, or $100/yr. We will provide ANY resource you need to develop or maintain your text-based virtual environment. Installation support with the codebase of your choice, free subdomain/DNS, e-mail, web hosting, player stats, and web-based management interface. Servers are well-stocked (P3-866/256M mem/20G disk) and lightly-loaded, colocated with Above.Net in SJ, CA, with absolutely BLAZING speeds. (visualize multiple OC48s!) Contact for more info and specific availability.

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