TMC Resource Center

Book-Themed SF/Fantasy M** – A list of all M**, any codebase, which are set in a world first created by an author of Science Fiction or Fantasy. If you want to RP in a world you already know about from your reading, take a look!
FindMUD – A MUD and codebase directory. MUD listings can be rated by visitors and codebases are freely downloadable. Users are able to submit new mud listings.
MUD Pages – MUD Pages is a MUD and online text games listings site with enhanced review and listing elements. Our listing system is perhaps the most robust our there and allows for much greater detail and customization than most other lists. We also provide MUD Players and Administrators Forums, Staffing and MUD Promotions Forums, and expect to have a full community system in place in the coming months.
MUD Stats – A MUD list based upon connection statistics.
MUDLISTS.COM – A great new way to list your mudsite on the world wide web. Agressive marketing of our own site brings your world to people who have never played before.
Most Popular Sites – Mud Ranking – Most Popular Sites has many ways to rank your MUD. The linked page here is for your votes. Also visit the Mud List Section (for ratings, reviews, hit counts, & visit counts).
Mudmagic.Com: Listing A World Of Imagination – Our Listings area is dedicated to Text Based Games of all genre’s. From the original Muds, to the current MUSHES. Listing owners can create customized layouts for their game, and browsers can rate/review their favorite site. Listing ones imagination.
The German Mudlist – A nicely organized list of German muds. Each listing contains site information, server type, a brief description and a legend for categorization. Best viewed with frames-capable browser.
The MUD Connector – A searchable list with over 1600 text-based mud listings and over 60 graphical mud listings. Reviews, community forums, mud players’ directory, and much more!
The Top Mud Sites – A list of the Top Mud sites, voted by the players, and a place to submit articles and discuss anything mud-related.

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