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TMC Reviewer: Trish Major
Mud Theme

I awoke to find myself standing in the Kobra space station. All around me the hustle and bustle of a busy space station could be seen as space ships small and large were docking. Androids of all makes and models were darting about attending to their tasks. I found that the mud sticks to its starwars based theme at almost every turn.

Mud Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere of the mud was friendly in most aspects. I found that newbie help from was something that was hard to come by and felt slightly unwanted as a newbie on several occasions. However, other lower level players were of great help and always willing to come to the aid of a fellow beginner. The general chatter of the mud can be rather adult in nature at times, though the overall atomosphere should be suitable for all age groups. Although mud is set up for some great roleplaying, I found very little of that to be going on. Several of my fellow newbies were in character, however, I found the majority of the players were not. Everyone did seem to be enjoying themselves.

Mud World

The world of Kobra mud is a rich enviroment in which to roleplay. All areas which I gained access to made me feel as though I were really on different planets or star bases. I felt all the areas were well suited for the mud. One of the things that stands out in my mind is the shuttle service which runs back and forth along the different planets. Many times I found myself checking the time tables to see when the next shuttle would be docking so that I might head out to slay more of those terrible mutant mice on planet aurora. The NPCs were perhaps the most fun. Very detailed and rich in character, some of them seemed almost alive. My encounter with C3P0 was especially interesting. The android latched onto me and began chattering away, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get rid of him when another fellow newbie came in and the android decided he would be more fun than I to talk to and finally left me in peace.


A great mud for all Star Wars enthusiasts. With elaborate room descriptions and a great emphasis on details, you will find it very easy to get sucked into the world of KoBra. Have a little patience at the start, and remember to ask other fellow newbies for help. And as always …. May the force be with you!

Selina Kelley

TMC Reviewer:
Mud Theme

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars. If ever a mud sticks to a theme like glue, it’s KoBra. You log into the ‘Central Control’ of a space-station, and from the outset, you are bombarded with descriptive and carefully written long descriptions setting the scene early, and well. Not once in my travels on the realm did I notice anything not based on the theme of this mud.

Mud Atmosphere

People seemed to be very friendly on the comm channel on KoBra, but this is most certainly not a newbie-friendly mud. I found it difficult to get help from any other player, and after scouring the help files, I could not find any reference on how to access the comm channel myself– I could see what was being said, but there was no command I could find that would let me talk on it; perhaps they don’t allow newbies to use it. I did run into one person that helped me out, which was much appreciated. I found little role-playing, most people were talking ‘OOC’ on the channels, but chatter seemed light-hearted and friendly.

Mud World

The world of KoBra is extremely well-written, well thought out, and has many wonderful secrets for those that take the time to really look at the room descriptions. Every item in the rooms that I saw had a corresponding description when typing ‘look at ‘. It was very easy to immerse my character into the game, I got used to checking the time-table for the Dalcrynn Space Ship, and after mapping the areas I found it was easy to find out where to go. I noticed a few places where there were obvious quests, and I wished I was high enough to complete them, as they were very clever from what I saw. The ship-system is extremely well made, very impressive, and a very good idea. The time-tables are even set up with an average time of the ‘loop’ the ship takes! I have to say C3PO was very funny, following me around and talking to me, I had to run real fast to lose him…


Great care has been put into making this mud, and while the players are not necessarily newbie-friendly, with 20-30 people on a night, it looks to be a very popular mud for Star Wars fans. The mud seems hard, every player on levels 3-5 were at least a day old, and some of the players in the mid-teen levels were up to 40-50 days old, which shows a very dedicated player base. For any new player, take heed, you will need a lot of patience to start, it took me 10 hours of play to wade through enough help files and find the areas I needed to get to to finally make it to level 2. This is a difficult mud from what I saw, but it looks to be great fun once you get the hang of it, and it has some wonderfully implemented ideas. Definately a thumbs up.