TMC Reviews: Rehobaom's Legacy

Rehobaom’s Legacy QuickFacts

TMC Listing: Rehobaom’s Legacy
Server Type: [Rom] Rom 4.1 [Athen 1.2]
Site: 9000 []

TMC Reviewer: Jason Everroad
Mud Theme

Upon entering Rehobaom’s Legacy I noticed a Dungeons and Dragons style mud whose theme will ultimately be encouraged through the player base. I use the word “ultimately” due to the fact that it still has a relatively small player base. How they play such an important role in the theme of the mud is through their ability to actually build their own world’s environment. Things such as homes, shops, areas and the like can all be built and created by the characters for a monetary cost.

Mud Atmosphere

The atmosphere I found is somewhat solitary. I believe once the player base increases, the mud could have a nice atmosphere with the players building their homes and areas. The imms are quite friendly and helpful without being overbearing. I used the gossip channel (should have used the Q/A channel however for questions) to find out some information about the mud and was met with quick, friendly and accurate responses (thanks Antoinette). To me, the imms are the ideal style for a non RP intensive mud. They let the players play their characters without hassle or headache, but if needed are right there for answers, and help. As to how strong a RP atmosphere this mud holds…well…that is yet to be seen, it would be unfair to say there is no RP because the playerbase is still small, but I can say, at least to this point, I had not encountered any RP situations.

Mud World

Rich and full of descriptions, the world offers much to the old time player and newbie player alike. Spelling errors were basically non existant, and the area descriptions were very well done. Mobs in the game are well done, but a bit bland in their descriptions… for example a “citizen of Bel Arethuse” description is “The citizen smiles at all and sundry” Not much to go on here, eh? The mud server is Rom 4.6, the admins of Rehobaom’s Legacy are actually the creators of the ROM code base. From everything I saw, the code was very stable, and the game ran well (except for some occassional bouts of rough lag I encountered).

Additional Comments

Rehobaom’s Legacy has quite a bit of potential that I feel will only be seen at it’s best with a strong player base. It could use some more color in the ANSI-Color version of the text, although I don’t think that will happen (judging from their web site, I take it they are not too hip on color). They have some nice features, which are VERY indepth…tons of channels for speaking, (a channel for just about anything you can think of, and even a “rant” channel for the things you can’t think of) an interesting clan style system which includes Gangs, Guilds, and Noble Houses with many sub titles among each one. I would REALLY like to see a better “help” menu for Rehabaom’s due to the fact that they have so many interesting things they are doing, but unless someone “really” looks and searches they might never know about them. Now, for the question you’ve all been waiting for…..What about PK? From everything I could gather PK is allowed, but it is not a predominant part of the theme. Playerkilling is not mentioned in the mud’s help files, so it can be assumed that the administration is lax on PK restrictions. The only reference I could find was in the Mud Connector listing, which stated “Limited PK”. At this stage the mud is in what I would call a very “relaxed” atmosphere, with no major restrictions on things like character titles and the like, of course this may change depending on where the mud goes from this point.


This place has some really great ideas, and shows strong potential. As it stands now, it’s a nice mud that still needs some updating, (more detailed mob descriptions, updated help menus, and better enforcement of character titles) and an increase in players. The ability for a character to purchase a home, and possibly a shop and more, is a very enticing aspect of the mud. A powerful enough person could create their own little realm within a world if they amassed enough money and power. PK is allowed on the mud, and would probably be a more interesting aspect with all the different guilds if there were more players. I recommend giving this place a try, and telling your friends about it as well… With a decent sized player base I think Rehobaom’s Legacy could excel.

Review Feedback from Gabrielle Taylor

The player count is small. It has been small ever since we shut up shop for four months about two years ago. However, I like the maturity and intelligence level of those who _do_ play, and I discourage the stupid by whatever means are available. My players tend to be older, better educated, and more interested in the level of detail than in the amount of CoLoR. In addition to the standard comp sci types, we have several doctorate-level biochemists and a fair number of physicists, at least one award-winning journalist, a significant number of over-30 and over-40 players, and what teenagers there are tend to be mature for their age. Our immortal roster has a senior engineer from a Fortune 100 company, an MBA from one of America’s largest banks, a geologist working on his doctorate, a National Merit scholar, two linguistics scholars, an accountant, a drug addict dying of AIDS, and a token Republican.

The mud is relaxed because it’s been around so long that we’ve mostly shed any desire to be serious on open channels. It has regular outbursts of what I refer to as “gleeful immaturity”, which are, to my mind, the best part of the mud.

I agree that the helps aren’t all that they could be — not in that they aren’t thorough, which they are (a point on which I’ve received many compliments), but in that they can be difficult to divine. This has been a concern of mine for quite a while. At the same time, if the reviewer had typed “help color”, he would’ve seen this:

>[Please note:  the color code is a) not especially flexible and b) not
>especially thorough.  That is apt to not change, since the imps here only
>added it to shut up the whining little weasels who would write off the
>entire mud, which is a sophisticated and elegant piece of work, because
>it lacked a popular candy-ass feature.]

The reviewer mentioned needing better control over player titles. He was probably not aware that the most offensive titles are randomly selected from a text file that I wrote up — I used to give the titleless the most bent title I could think up at the time, to encourage them to change it, but I wore out after a while, so, as per 20th century doctrine, I automated it 🙂 These include:

puts seltzer down your pants.
is a 28-36-29 undead halfling courtesan
was attacked by a coked-up whore
chokes on vomit
is naked, and does dance.
furiously writes descriptions of horse buttocks.


sucks wet farts out of dead pigeons.

These are the most offensive ones, and some of them are quite innocuous, but they’re all my fault. 🙂

I strongly dispute his comments about detail as the level of detail is one of the most common aspects complimented.

I don’t expect the reviewer to fall down and worship — the place isn’t for everyone and isn’t meant to be. But I do feel some basic background checking would’ve seriously changed the tone of his writeup. Since I’ve been getting the eyeball about “when the mud’s opening” lately I’m particularly easily irked by the impression that the place is anything but comfortably antique.