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Xani Bio

Virtual: Online Imm-names, Silvermoon, Xanisi, Catrynn, Shaeowyn (and a few others). My main areas that I know something in would be, building, role playing, newbies. Having played as a player for 7 years in these code bases: LP, Muck, Smaug, DBZ, SWR, and Wolfpaw. Mainly imming in the Smaug based Wolfpaw mud code for the past 6 years.

Real-Life: I live in Oregon, USA. Am self employed, and dabble at writing from time to time, no nothing published (Yet!) :). Im 35, female, single (not looking), and I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe j/k ;). Anyway I never know what to write on bio things so I will just leave it at this.

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