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    Announcement: TMC Review: Batmud [July 22, 2008]
Joanna provides her take on the long-running popular mud, Batmud.

    Announcement: The mud votes/ranking system was reset at midnight [January 31, 2008]
This was the second scheduled reset of the votes/rank databases, things are set to continue with resets every 2 months,so expect the next reset on April 1st.

    Announcement: TMC Review: Materia Magica [December 17, 2007]
The first TMC review posted in over 4 years is now up, click here to read Joanna’s review of Materia Magica.

    Announcement: *New* Rate Discussion Threads [December 6, 2007]
TMC members can now rate discussion threads, more info on our what’s new page.

    Announcement: TMC wins Best Text-Based Online Community at FidoCon II [December 2, 2007]
Thank you all TMC community members, this one is for you!

    Announcement: TMC Domain Consolidation [June 10, 2007]
Please see our whats new page for info.

    Announcement: Display Your Mud’s TMC Rank on Your Website [March 4, 2007]
You can now display a TMC vote icon on your mud’s website which will display your mud’s current rank, more info is available on our whats new page.

    Announcement: Alert for Windows Vista Users [March 4, 2007]
If you are a Windows Vista user and experiencing issues with connecting to some muds please check our whats new page for an explanation and suggested temporary solution.

    Announcement: Mud Connector Social Network Launched [June 21, 2006]
We are proud to announce the launch of TMCnet, the first Social Network for mudders. You can read more on our what’s new page or jump right to the Mud Connector Social Network

    Announcement: Discussion Boards Upgrade [June 18, 2006]
Tyche has provided us with some substantial upgrades to the discussion board software allowing it to properly handle html formatting. He also wrote up a nice guide for those of you wanting to have more format control of your posts.

    Announcement: Article: Stylistics ( Complete Aticle ) [May 2, 2006]
Part II is now posted – Ephera from The Inquisition brings us a 2-part series covering many important area building concepts.

    Announcement: TMC Vote/Rank System Revisions [Mar 12, 2006]
A large revision is going into effect today, info about the coming changes can be found on our what’s new page.

    Announcement: TMC RSS Feeds [Feb 7, 2006]
We have added RSS Feeds for TMC discussion forums, new mudlist additions and (new) mud reviews.

    Announcement: Article: The Villian’s Handbook [Dec 27, 2005]
Ephera from The Inquisition shares some tips for developing a true villian.

    Announcement: Article: Backups 101 [Nov 18, 2005]
Alan Lenton discusses techniques for keeping your mud/player data safe.

    Announcement: Stats / Voting Issues [Aug 15, 2005]
We are aware of the issues occuring with our stats and rankings data. We are working to locate the source of the problem and fix it, thank you for your patience in the meantime.

    Summary of Old Announcements [December 2000 – July 2004]
[Oct 29, 2005] – TMC submissions system revamped
[Sep 24, 2005] – Part III: Tree of Knowledge article posted
[Jun 7, 2005] – Part II: Taking the Stage article posted [May 2, 2005] – Added Avatars, signatures and modified discussion board structure

[Apr 19, 2005] – Alen Lenton’s article [Mar 18, 2005] – Ranking/Voting system added

[Mar 16, 2005] – My Yahoo TMC News Feeds added

[Jan 31, 2005] – Our Whats New page was updated with news about network issues…

[Jul 18, 2004] – TMC begins accepting article submissions [Jan 15, 2004] – Old player reviews purged, muds previouasly cutoff now elligible for new reviews (email us)

[Dec 12, 2003] – design strategies article posted

[Aug 12, 2003] – Blaster/A Worm Alert

[Nov 1, 2002] – Boo? article posted.

[Oct 15, 2002] – New cookie-based membership system

[Oct 14, 2002] – Daedalian Musing column kicks off.

[Sep 22, 2002] – TMC Polls added

[Sep 21, 2002] – Improvements to discussion boards, killfiles added.

[Sep 3rd, 2002] – Online Escapes seeking writers – email Wes Platt. [Aug 26th, 2002] – TMC Database has been upgraded.

[Aug 18th, 2002] – New gmud listings added.

[Jul 15th, 2002] – RP Central upgraded

[Feb 7th, 2002] – TMC Faq now online

[August 9th, 2001] – The MUD Companion magazine for MUD advocates [May 11th, 2001] – Java Telnet Client is Back! [April 17th, 2001] – Player Review Cleanup [February 5th, 2001] – AlexMUD celebrates its 10th birthday! [January 16, 2000] – New listings summary pages added

[August 23, 2000] – TMC now maintains the Mud FAQ

[August 21, 2000] – Looking for people to Roleplay with? Try Roleplay Central.
[July 11, 2000] – TMC Membership signup is here.


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