Whats New on the Mud Connector

[March 4, 2007] New TMC Vote/Rank Button

You can now display a TMC vote button on your website which displays your mud’s TMC rank, feel free to copy and paste the example html below and substitute ‘YOUR_MUD_NAME’ for the actual name of your mud.

Vote for Our Mud on TMC!

[March 4, 2007] Windows Vista Users: Connection Issues

Some of you may be experiencing problems with playing muds with computers running Windows Vista, the following explanation was found on the zuggsoft.com forums along with the suggested fix.

Windows Vista enables something called AutoTuning by default which earlier windows versions had disabled, to bypass this problem login to your computer as an Administrator and open a command shell (Start -> Run -> type cmd ) and enter this text and then hit return:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

You will need to do this each time you restart your machine until Microsoft resolves the issue in a later patch. Thanks to Matt from IRE, Zugg of Zmud/Cmud and Derek of TMS for bringing this to my attention.

[June 21, 2006] The Mud Connector Social Network Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the first Social Network devoted to mudders, tentatively being called TMCnet. The Mud Connector Social Network offers a suite of features designed to help bring the mud community closer together, including:

  • Member profiles – simplifies the process of finding other mudders with similar interests
  • Image Galleries – Share your images with other Social Network members.
  • Instant Messaging – Send and receive IMs with other members, as well as with mudders connected to the IMC network
  • Mail – Send and receive TMCnet mail to/from other members
  • Friendships – two-way friendships allow otherwise private content to be shared among members
  • Groups – create your own private, semi-private or public groups and invite other members to join in targetted discussions
  • Journals – post entries in your personal or group’s journal for other members to read and optionally comment on
  • Events Engine – create calendar events for others to read about and take part in

We welcome you to come and activate your TMC member account ( for members 14 years of age and older ) and join us on TMCnet.

[March 12, 2006] TMC Stats/Ranking System Revision

Today (03/12/2006) TMC will be launching our new (read: revised) stats and ranking system, the coming changes will reflect many of the suggestions from our users in a recent discussion board thread. A quick summary of the changes follows:

  • The 3-vote system is being replaced by a single vote system, telnet and homepage clicks will no longer count towards a mud’s tmc ranking.
  • The visual verification system is being removed, we will evaluate if it needs to be restored over time.
  • Vote and Rank data will be reset twice monthly

We hope the new ranking system shows to be an improvement.

[February 10, 2006] TMC RSS Feeds (edited 2-10-06)

Three new RSS feeds have been added, allowing our users to subscribe to receive discussion board summaries, new mudlist additions and new tmc mud reviews.

[May 3, 2005] Fixing TMC Member Login Issues

There has been alot of feedback regarding tmc member login problems, which I believe are caused by the way certain browsers handle framed content and document caching. I made some changes to the login system today which I hope will help with this problem.

[February 7, 2005] Stats / Rank Wipes / Anti-Proxy Code Added

We have wiped the stats and ranking tables once again after finding evidence of some open-proxy usage in our logs. We have added code to help restrict the use of known open proxies and prevent votes from being counted from those servers. We are logging all votes now and will periodically check votes that were tallied for open proxies, muds found to be using votes issued from open proxy servers will have their stats wiped and be suspended from the rankings system (this is the only warning you will get).

[January 11, 2005] Ranking DB Wipe / New Voting System

Many of you have written to me expressing concern about the integrity of the rankings system. Despite many attempts to discover the source of the _holes_ and fix them I have thrown my hands up and have rewritten the voting system to hopefully solve these issues. The new voting procedure involves matching an image-embedded character code generated on-the-fly as an extra layer of confirmation before a vote may be considered valid and applied to a muds’ stats. The mud rankings and tmc stats have been wiped so we can start fresh and examine how the new system behaves. As always please report any suspected abuse to the TMC Admin.

[October 29, 2004] New Mud Listings Submissions System

This is a change that has been planned and delayed and replanned and pushed back for years now. Internally it is massive, a complete reworking of our submission and mud listings management system; To the mud adminstrators that have been stuck with our old, klunky, poorly designed and way out of date submissions system the new version should seem a world of difference. Don’t take my word for it, go check it out:
–> [TMC Mud Listing Submissions]